All About Disability Benefits Technical Denials

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All About Disability Benefits Technical Denials

All About Disability Benefits Technical Denials

Many disability benefits applications are denied after the first submission. In some cases, a minor technical error was the only cause. Whereas in other situations, the disability criteria may have not been fully met. Figuring out why your disability benefits application was rejected is important for knowing what your next options are. You can also discuss what happened with a Pennsylvania disability benefits lawyer to explore what options are available.

Disability Benefits Technical Denials

A disability benefits technical denial happens when the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds a problem with the application. This problem is specifically tied to the applicant not meeting basic eligibility criteria. A denial like All About Disability Benefits Technical Denialsthis is not related to a lack of medical evidence but to the criteria for disability benefits.

Many disability benefits applications are rejected for technical errors related to current employment, income, and work history. Whether a person is employed or not can impact whether their initial disability claim is accepted or not. Exceeding a certain income level for supplemental security income (SSI) or the social security disability insurance (SSDI) program can automatically disqualify someone.

The length of work history, when the last job was held, and past income earnings can also lead to technical denials. This is because certain disability benefits programs require work credits. If a person does not have enough work credits through Social Security, then the funds are unavailable to support them with disability benefits. Most programs require at least ten years of work history.

To qualify for certain disability benefits programs, a person must either not be able to work because of the disability or have low income. The SSA will investigate this by checking monthly income levels and current financial assets. If you have questions, try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer for answers.

What Are the Criteria for Being Considered Disabled?

It can be helpful to briefly become familiar with the eligibility requirements for disability benefits. How the SSA defines a disability is important to know when filing a disability claim. The basic disability benefits eligibility criteria are:

·      A physical or mental disability must hinder work performance in some way

·      The disability must prevent someone from working or must result in an insufficient level of income

·      The disability must be listed in the SSA Blue Book or be equal to one of these listings in terms of severity

Medical evidence is necessary to prove the disability exists along with the impairments caused by the disability. When the full criteria for a disability listing are not met, then a person will need evidence of the severity. Only severe and long-term disabilities are considered for disability benefits.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

You may not have to give up if your initial disability benefits application was denied. Discuss your disability situation with an experienced Pennsylvania denied benefits appeal attorney to see what steps you can take after your application was rejected. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation today. Our team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers is prepared to help you obtain the disability benefits you need.