Are Burn Injuries Covered by Disability Benefits?

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Are Burn Injuries Covered by Disability Benefits?

Figuring out whether your burn injuries qualify for disability benefits because you are struggling to work can be a complex process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has specific rules and standards for who qualifies for disability insurance. Many disabilities are straightforward and are automatically listed in the Blue Book, but burn injuries come with additional steps to prove that your burns are preventing you from working. Consider talking with a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you find yourself stuck during the application process. 

Disabilities from Burn Injuries

Many people wonder whether burn injuries are considered a disability. The truth is, this depends on how severe the burns are, what parts of the body were affected, and how well the person has recovered from these injuries with medical treatment. Some burn injuries leave small scars, while others lead to significant impairments for life. Burns like these can happen from fire, chemicals, and steam. 

Consider filing for disability benefits if your burns are so severe that you are no longer able to work the same number of hours or you can no longer work at all. The SSA considers a burn injury a disability when the skin lesions from your burns affect work performance and the effect of this is expected to last over 12 months. 

Unfortunately, having a disability claim approved for burn injuries is described as a tedious and lengthy process. The SSA recommends submitting detailed medical records with doctor’s notes that explain how and why your burns impair your ability to work. Most applications are denied due to a lack of medical evidence. Talking with your doctor or a lawyer about how to proceed with this may help you save time. 

Applying for Disability Benefits with Burn Injuries

The two main types of burn disabilities listed in the SSA Blue Book are burn injuries that require surgery and burn injuries that do not require surgery. To qualify for burn injuries that require surgery, you will need to prove that the surgeon is trying to restore function to the damaged areas. You will also be asked to provide medical records that show when bodily functioning is expected to return and how the damaged areas have affected your ability to function.

For burn injuries without surgery, you will need to provide information on how severe your skin lesions are and how long the effects of these lesions are expected to last. These burns only qualify for disability benefits if they significantly affect your work performance. 

The two programs you can apply for include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Each comes with different standards and benefits. 

Individual Disability Insurance Lawyer in Philadelphia 

Collecting all the evidence you need for a disability claim can be difficult. Try talking with a Philadelphia delayed insurance benefits lawyer if you submitted your application and have not heard back for a significant period of time. You can contact Edelstein & Nelson at 1-800-300-0909 for a consultation today. Our team of lawyers will help you collect the information you need to start receiving benefits.