Are There Disability Benefits for Seizures?

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Disability benefits are not usually given to people who have only had one seizure, but these benefits may be available for those who have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder like epilepsy. This is because reoccurring seizures can disrupt a person’s performance at work. Depending on what job you have, seizures can place your life or the lives of co-workers in danger. A seizure could lead a crane operator or bus driver to commit a dangerous mistake.

Applying for disability benefits can be confusing at times. However, Philadelphia disability lawyers have years of experience with these types of applications and will know what to do if your application is denied.

Differences Between Seizures and Epilepsy

Experiencing a seizure in the past does not mean you have epilepsy. Epilepsy describes a brain disorder in which a person has two or more seizures that can range from mild to deadly. Fortunately, many seizure disorders can be managed successfully with proper prescription medications or surgery. However, some people have to struggle with reoccurring seizures for life.

The cause of seizures lies within the way neurons interact. Seizures can occur when neurons fire at unnaturally high rates. Common causes of abnormal neuronal activity are brain injuries, illnesses, or abnormal brain development. Symptoms of a seizure can be disabling, including:

  • Abnormal behaviors or emotions;
  • Convulsions;
  • Involuntary muscle spasms; and/or
  • Passing out unexpectedly.

Severe seizures that last longer than a few minutes can lead to a coma or death if left untreated. These kinds of seizures can make driving to work deadly, which is why some people refuse to provide driver’s licenses to people with seizure disorders.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

Are There Disability Benefits for Seizures?The Social Security Administration (SSA) will be looking for ways your seizure disorder impairs your performance at work. You need to list all of these in your application and be specific when you need to. If you have unexpected seizures, prolonged episodes, or certain stimuli that set off your seizure, be sure to mention these. This is the most important part of your application because disability benefits exist for those who cannot physically work at a standard job.

To be considered permanently disabled by the SSA, you will need to have seizures that are tonic-clonic or dyscognitive. Check with your doctor to see if you meet these specifications. The SSA may ask for medical records like MRI scans, CAT Scans, a list of your medications, or doctor notes. They also require other documents related to your income like tax information, your full work history, and previous income.

Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Do not hesitate to ask for help from a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer if you have recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and are concerned about not receiving benefits. Contact the Philadelphia disability lawyers at Edelstein & Nelson by calling (800) 300–0909 for consultation. If your disability benefits application has been denied, do not give up and settle. We can help you figure out why your application was denied, assess your medical condition more deeply, and collect the relevant documents to ensure your next application is ready for review.