Can Anxiety and Depression be Disabilities?

Professional Athletes and Disability
Professional Athletes and Disability
January 18, 2019
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Can You Be Fired At-Will in Pennsylvania
January 30, 2019
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Anxiety and depression are two mental health issues that millions of Americans suffer from every day. These symptoms can be short-lived or can be chronic, depending on factors such as work life, stress, daily tasks, and recent or hard-hitting losses within one’s life. These illnesses can cause a person to experience many different emotions and symptoms that can affect their lives in multiple ways, including their ability to work. When these conditions affect your work life and cause other strains in your personal life, it’s important you take the time to get them attended to and diagnosed so that you can return to your life as best as you can, which can mean taking a break from work.

When dealing with mental health conditions, applying for disability is not something to be ashamed about since it means you’re working to improve your life and get back to a better place for your mental health. Still, many insurance companies will try to deny these claims and say that they cannot be covered. When your disability claim is denied unfairly, it’s important to speak to a knowledgeable and caring insurance disability lawyer who can help you fight your insurance company and get your claim approved accordingly.

What Are Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression have a variety of symptoms that can be present. Physical symptoms such as chest pains, headaches, muscle pains, and dizziness can be experienced, while mental symptoms such as insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and having low energy are possible to experience Dangers of Slipping on a Poorly Maintained Icy Sidewalkas well. All of these symptoms can cause you to have a difficult time completing work, and many times, work will bring on these issues. When experiencing these sorts of issues, it’s best to step away from your working life and seek medical help.

Some of the ways you can help alleviate these symptoms include going to therapy, taking medication, exercising, or using relaxation techniques. Many of these options have been proven to better your mental health, and depending on the severity of your health issues, you may be able to quickly recover and return to life as normal. Others will need extended time to heal their mental health issues, which is perfectly reasonable and encouraged. Not all mental health cases are the same, which means that some will need more time and help. When you have a disability claim helping you take the time you need for your mental health, it allows you the peace of mind to take the time you need and work on getting better without being stressed about work.

Disability Insurance Lawyer Here for You

When suffering through anxiety and depression, it can be hard to feel like you have allies on your side. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we want you to know we are here for you after your insurance company denies your disability claim. We will fight hard for you to make sure you are compensated accordingly after your insurance’s actions, and we will fight to help you get the time you need for your health. Call us today to talk about your claim at 800-887-4529.