Can Bulging Disc Back Pain Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

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Can Bulging Disc Back Pain Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Can Bulging Disc Back Pain Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Back pain can put your life to a halt, making it hard to move or do anything physical. Not only can moderate to severe back pain make working at a full-time job challenging, but the pain can also disrupt sleep. This leaves many people with bulging disc back pain wondering if they could qualify for disability benefits. The answer depends on the nature of your symptoms. Feel free to ask a Pennsylvania disability lawyer for guidance if you have questions.

Symptoms of Bulging Discs

The pain caused by a bulging disc can spread to the lower back, legs, and upper back. Sometimes the pain is severe enough to prevent someone from walking, lifting heavy objects, or engaging in usual physical activities. This is what can make working at a physically demanding job so difficult for people with this condition.

Many people confuse bulging discs with herniated discs but there are some key differences. Bulging discs are what can lead to herniated discs if treatment is not sought or if Can Bulging Disc Back Pain Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?treatments fail. Discs themselves are cushions between the vertebrae that make up our spine. When these discs bulge out, the vertebrae can press on the spinal cord and nerves, causing pain.

A disc becomes herniated when a tear in the disc happens and the internal fluids leak out. This can make the disc become close to flattened, resulting in more severe pain. Unlike a bulging disc, a herniated disc can be noticed right away with an immediate rise in pain. Compared to bulging discs which happen with age, a herniated disc can happen from a back injury.

Herniated discs and bulging discs can be treated with medications, physical therapy, and steroids. However, some herniated discs can also be improved by surgery to take pressure off compressed nerves.

Are Disability Benefits Offered for Bulging Discs?

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not explicitly list bulging disc pain in their Blue Book of disabilities, you may still have a chance. Back pain is something people can seek benefits for. When applying for these disability benefits, the SSA will look at whether your back pain affects your work performance and whether treatments could improve the pain.

Pain that continues despite treatment and prevents you from performing your job accurately may qualify you for supplemental income. If your bulging disc ends up becoming herniated, then you could be eligible for herniated disc disability benefits. Just be prepared to submit medical evidence with doctor’s notes on:

  • The pain prevents you from working
  • Indications that this pain will last at least one year

The SSA will look at whether:

  • Your nerve roots are affected
  • Your movement is limited
  • Reflexes or sensations are impaired
  • Lower back pain impairs your walking

Feel free to contact a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you have questions.

Disability Attorney in Pennsylvania

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