Can Cellulitis Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

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All About Disability Benefits Technical Denials
May 16, 2022
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May 30, 2022
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Can Cellulitis Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Can Cellulitis Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Many people wonder if a skin condition called cellulitis can qualify them for disability benefits. Cellulitis can create multiple complications for those with this condition. These complications can sometimes hinder work performance and prevent someone from earning a basic income. Reach out to a Philadelphia individual disability insurance attorney if you are thinking about disability benefits.

Complications Caused by Cellulitis

Erysipelas and cellulitis are skin conditions that can create complications related to infections. Cellulitis comes from the staphylococcus bacteria and increases the chances of pus-producing infections and abscesses. Common symptoms of cellulitis related to the infections include:

·      FatigueCan Cellulitis Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

·      Fever

·      Nausea

·      Pain

·      Racing heart rate

·      Confusion

Pus-producing infections caused by cellulitis can spread. When these infections spread to muscle tissues and other tissues, sealed pus-filled abscesses can develop. These can lead to further issues and symptoms. One of the most common signs of cellulitis is dark red skin, sometimes involving purple colors.

Many of the struggles people face with cellulitis come from painful swelling and feeling weak or sick. This can make it hard to work a full-time job that requires mental or physical energy for most of the day. Treatments for cellulitis are available with the use of antibiotics and surgeries in the most severe cases.

Are There Disability Benefits for Cellulitis?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict criteria for who can and cannot qualify for disability benefits. You will find detailed listings of disabilities and medical conditions that may qualify for benefits in the SSA Blue Book online. Sometimes a medical disorder might not be found directly listed in the Blue Book.

When this happens, many people find themselves discouraged. However, you might still qualify for disability benefits if you meet the criteria for a similar disorder or for disability benefits in general. While cellulitis is not directly listed in the SSA Blue Book, there is a listing for chronic skin infections.

For chronic skin infection disability benefits, the person must have extensive skin infections that last at least three months. These skin infections must be ulcerating and may impact the skin or mucous membranes. To be considered for disability benefits, the infections must fail to improve despite treatment for three months.

Prepare to submit as much medical evidence of your cellulitis complications as possible. Talk with your doctor about writing notes about the limitations caused by your condition. Without sufficient evidence that your condition hinders work performance, your disability claim could be denied.

Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you have any questions about how to file for disability benefits. The disability benefits application process can be tedious. An experienced lawyer can take many of the steps and collect information on your behalf to make this process less stressful.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Finding out your disability claim was denied can feel disheartening. Feel free to ask a Philadelphia delayed insurance benefits lawyer about what your options are if your application was rejected. Start by contacting Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (800) 300-0909 today for a consultation. Our experienced Philadelphia disability attorneys might be able to help you secure disability benefits.