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Can I Request Disability Benefits for Multiple Disabilities?
December 20, 2021
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Should I Apply for Private Disability Insurance?
January 3, 2022
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Can High Blood Pressure Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

If high blood pressure is causing you problems at work, you might be wondering if disability benefits are an option. Depending on how severe your blood pressure difficulties are, they might be. Checking whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements can help save you a lot of time when applying. You can also talk to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to figure out your chances of qualifying for benefits.

Disability Benefits for Hypertension

The Social Security Administration (SSA) categorizes high blood pressure under hypertension. You need to be diagnosed with severe pulmonary or arterial hypertension to be considered for disability benefits for high blood pressure. When it comes to high blood pressure disability benefits eligibility, you must:

  • Have evidence of your high blood pressure
  • Pulmonary artery systolic pressure higher than 60 mm
  • Arterial systolic greater than 200 mm or diastolic greater than 110 mm

Hypertension may also be evaluated according to other disability listings depending on how you are affected. The other requirements you will need to meet depend on what body systems are impacted by your hypertension. Some of the most common body systems impaired by hypertension are the:

  • BrainCan High Blood Pressure Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?
  • Eyes
  • Kidneys
  • Heart

Lastly, the SSA will consider how hypertension is affecting your ability to work. This means looking at your residual functional capacity. Part of this means examining how much your high blood pressure prevents you from being able to perform certain work tasks. The speed at which you can work and whether this is slowed down will also be considered.

Evidence You Need for Hypertension Disability Benefits

When it comes to finding evidence of your high blood pressure, this mainly lies in medical evidence. Talk to your doctor about obtaining copies of medical records that support your disability claim. Your doctor may also be able to write notes and fill out forms about how your hypertension impairs your work performance.

One of the most important disability benefits application tips to follow is to document your high blood pressure yourself. Do this daily for a few weeks or however long your doctor recommends. Feel free to turn this into your doctor to see if this can be added to your medical records. This only gives you more medical evidence.

Medical records that show past failed attempts to control your blood pressure will greatly increase your chances of receiving benefits. This is why not cooperating with treatment could hurt your chances. The SSA sees this as a lack of evidence in terms of whether you need benefits or not.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to see what options you may have. A lawyer can help you build a solid disability claim.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Submitting a disability application can be tedious and often confusing. Do not hesitate to ask a Pennsylvania bad faith claims attorney for guidance if your disability claim was wrongfully denied. All you have to do is contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation today. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers might be able to help you obtain the disability benefits you need.