What If My Disability Benefits Were Taken Away?
What If My Disability Benefits Were Taken Away?
February 14, 2022
Can I Receive More Disability Benefits for Multiple Disabilities?
Can I Receive More Disability Benefits for Multiple Disabilities?
February 28, 2022
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Can I Check My Disability Claim Status?

Many people need disability benefits sooner than later. Not knowing how it will take to receive disability benefits can be scary. This is especially true when bills and other financial responsibilities are coming up. Knowing how to check your disability claim status and what this will tell you can be helpful. You can also talk to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to find out more information.

Checking the Status of Your Disability Claim

There are two main ways to check your disability claim status. You can check your disability claim status by phone or through the Social Security Administration (SSA) website. However, you will need certain information first.

Be prepared to provide your personal information like your physical address and social security number. You may also be asked for your email address and phone Can I Check My Disability Claim Status?number. All of this information is used to verify your identity. This is to ensure you are properly matched to the disability claim you are asking about.

Feel free to look up the appropriate SSA phone number and ask to speak to a disability benefits representative. You may go through a computerized system or be answered by a representative right away. Depending on who you talk with, you may receive more information about your disability claim status through the phone than online.

To check your disability claim status online, you may need to create a my Social Security account first. After logging into this account, you can check your status. This is one of the fastest ways to check on what is happening with your disability claim. However, you may not find out as much information about your claim.

One thing to consider when checking the status of your claim is how long the overall process takes. Collecting medical evidence alone can take up to a month for the SSA. Calling sooner than a month after your disability claim was submitted may not provide you as much of an update.

What Will My Disability Claim Status Tell Me?

Other than telling you whether your disability claim has moved to the next stage, your disability claim status will tell you other information. Your disability claim account will provide information about where your claim is currently and whether you have a hearing.

If a hearing is scheduled, you should be able to find information about when and where the hearing will happen. You will also find re-entry numbers for any applications that still need to be completed. All of this information can be found through your my Social Security account on the SSA website.

If your claim has not moved at all after a month, you may want professional advice. Try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to see what your options are.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Not knowing when you will start receiving your disability benefits is stressful. Feel free to ask a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance attorney if your disability claim has been denied for too long. All you have to do is call Edelstein & Nelson today at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation about your claim. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers might be able to help you secure your disability benefits.