Types of Back Injuries Covered by Disability Insurance
Types of Back Injuries Covered by Disability Insurance
January 20, 2020
Why Was I Denied Disability Benefits?
Why Was I Denied Disability Benefits?
February 3, 2020
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Can I Work and Receive Disability Benefits?

Many people with minor disabilities wonder if they can still work and receive disability insurance. For some people, their job is a major part of their lifework and losing that can be hard to deal with. At the same time, medical expenses and limitations caused by the disability can make choosing disability benefits over work a necessary choice. The good news is that you do not have to always decide on your job or disability benefits. If you work a certain number of hours, you can still receive benefits that can cover missed work and medical costs. Talk to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to find out more.

How Working Affects Disability Benefits

There is a specific process for people who are seeking disability insurance while working. Making sure you meet the requirements of this process is important if you need monthly payments to help cover the costs of your disability. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Can I Work and Receive Disability Benefits?Disability benefits are offered as options for those who want to continue working.

Common benefits of these programs include Medicare or Medicaid, cash benefits, and programs designed to help you start a new job. To receive Social Security Disability benefits, you will be expected to go through a trial work period where you will work nine months while receiving disability benefits. If you are able to successfully work during this trial, you will then have 36 months where you can work and receive disability benefits. As long as your income during this time does not exceed a certain amount, you can continue to receive benefits while working.

When it comes to SSI, you must be age 65, blind or disabled, and have low financial resources. You can receive benefits as long as your total work earnings do not exceed a certain limit. For SSI or Social Security Disability Benefits, you can seek a reinstatement of your disability benefits if they were terminated after your earnings exceeded the threshold.

Options for Work When You Have a Disability 

You may be wondering what other work options are available for people struggling with disabilities. Some jobs can offer accommodations if you talk to your supervisor about your condition. Social Security offers work incentive programs designed to help you transition back to work after experiencing a major disability.

One program like this is a Ticket to Work program that provides people with work experience, job training, and ways to become financially self-supportive. The only time you can lose disability benefits with this program is when you obtain a job through the program. However, do not panic because this can be reversed if the job does not offer the financial help you need.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

If you have been struggling with a disability and feel unsure about how you should handle your work situation, a lawyer may be able to help. Consider hiring a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance lawyer who can help you assess your current situation and what options you have. Call Edelstein & Nelson today at 1-800-300-0909 for a consultation. We will work with you to help with the application process and other steps for receiving the benefits you need.