Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

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Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

Not everyone realizes their disability benefits can be taken away, regardless of how long they have been receiving benefits. This can be scary for many people, especially if they have multiple financial responsibilities. You may not have to deal with the stress of losing your disability benefits alone. An experienced Philadelphia individual disability insurance attorney can help you file an appeal to regain your disability benefits.

When Can Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

The idea of disability benefits suspension or termination is daunting for many people. When you have bills to pay and the debt you owe, the idea of losing your Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?primary source of income is stressful. Disability benefits suspension might be temporary. Whereas disability benefits termination could be lifelong.

You might be wondering when disability benefits can be suspended or terminated. Most of the reasons for the suspension of benefits revolve around your disability improving. Almost anything that indicates your disability is not severe enough to restrict your ability to work and earn a basic income could be means to end your disability benefits.

Specifically, disability benefits could be taken away if new medical evidence reveals your disability is not severe enough to impair your work performance. This is measured by substantial gainful activity. When medical evidence shows you are able to perform a substantial gainful activity, your benefits could be removed.

Benefits may also be removed if you went through a trial work period, and are still able to work. The same rule applies if your disability was expected to improve and did end up improving, allowing you to return to work. Other examples that could lead to the loss of disability benefits include:

·      Failure to cooperate with submitting additional evidence

·      Disability checks are returned by the post office multiple times

·      Unable to locate the disabled person

·      Joining a vocational rehabilitation program or employment services

What Are My Legal Options?

If your disability benefits were revoked, do not panic because you may have legal options. One of the most effective legal options you have is filing a disability benefits appeal. The Social Security Administration (SSA) allows people to submit a disability benefits appeal when they disagree with their decision. This includes decisions to end disability benefits.

You can file an appeal for the SSA’s medical disability cessation determination to end your benefits. All you have to do is fill out a request for reconsideration disability cessation form online. Submit this and if your request for reconsideration is rejected, then you can try the next level of appeals.

This next level involves attending a hearing before a judge. Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer to help you with this process. A lawyer might be able to increase your chances of success.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Finding out your disability benefits are about to be taken away can be jarring news to hear. Feel free to talk to a Philadelphia denied benefits appeal lawyer to explore ways you can appeal your cessation of benefits. Reach out by calling EdelsteinMartin  & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation. Our team of attorneys might be able to help you regain the disability benefits you need to cover your expenses.