What is a Representative Payee for Philadelphia Disability Benefits?
What is a Representative Payee for Philadelphia Disability Benefits?
October 10, 2020
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What Does the SSA Mean by Substantial Gainful Activity?
October 19, 2020
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Can Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Be Used for My Family?

You may have heard of Pennsylvania disability benefits for you, your spouse, or your child but not everyone has heard about disability benefits for their family. Family disability benefits could potentially cover your spouse, child, and more depending on who is disabled in your family and what financial struggles you are going through as a result. Applying for family disability benefits is not always easy. Contact a Pennsylvania group disability insurance lawyer if you have any questions.

Family Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania

You can file for Pennsylvania family disability benefits if you or a family member have a physical or mental disability that significantly impairs your work performance and other life tasks. Depending on certain factors, you might receive benefits through this program for you and your spouse, ex-spouse, child, or adult child who is still living with you. For your family Can Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Be Used for My Family?member to qualify, they need to have a physical or mental disability that is recognized by the Social Security Administration.

There is one exception for the adult child. For an adult child to qualify for disability benefits, the child must have been disabled before the age of 22 years old. The evidence you will be required to submit depends on which family member you are seeking disability insurance for.

For example, to qualify a spouse for disability benefits, you would need to submit proof of your marriage. A spouse may qualify for benefits if they are at least 62 years old or they are providing some kind of care for your disabled child who is under the age of 16 years old. However, once your disabled child turns 16, your spouse will stop receiving a portion of the disability benefits if your spouse is not 62 years old.

There are more requirements for an ex-spouse to receive disability benefits. Talk to a lawyer to learn more. A child must either be under the age of 18, be 18 and a full-time student in grade 12 or lower, or over 18 with a disability onset before age 22.

What You Need to Apply for Pennsylvania Disability Benefits

You will need to submit certain documents and information to file for any kind of disability benefits program in Pennsylvania. A Pennsylvania disability insurance claim usually requires medical evidence of the disability, doctor’s notes, your Social Security Number, any medications you are taking, your work history, and most recent W-2 form or federal tax return.

For each family member you want to have a portion of disability insurance, you will need to submit proof of their age. If your benefits are denied despite submitting all the evidence you were told to submit, be sure to talk with a disability lawyer to explore your options.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Having your disability benefits application denied can be a frustrating process to deal with. Do not hesitate to seek help from a Pennsylvania denied benefits appeal lawyer if this happened to you or a loved one. You can call Edelstein & Nelson today at 800-887-4529 for a consultation. One of our Pennsylvania disability lawyers will assess the situation to figure why your application was denied.