You Could Be Eligible for Disability Benefits Back Pay
You Could Be Eligible for Disability Benefits Back Pay
September 12, 2022
How Episodes of Decompensation Affect Mental Health Disability Benefits
How Episodes of Decompensation Affect Mental Health Disability Benefits
September 26, 2022
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Can Students Lose Disability Benefits for Working in College?

Many parents and college students wonder if disability benefits could be removed after starting a job in college. This idea comes from the fact that the Social Security Administration (SSA) continues reviewing eligibility for benefits after benefits start. Those who earn an income above the set threshold could lose their disability benefits. Talk to a Philadelphia denied benefits appeal attorney if you have concerns about this.

When Are Disability Benefits Taken Away?

Social Security disability benefits are taken away under certain circumstances, often when the person no longer fits the eligibility criteria. This process is called continuing Can Students Lose Disability Benefits for Working in College?eligibility for benefits and may happen at different intervals depending on the disability.

Disabilities that are expected to improve are re-evaluated six to 18 months after a decision is made on your application. The SSA reviews disability eligibility every three years for conditions that could improve. Lastly, disabilities that are not expected to improve are typically reviewed every seven years.

The SSA may remove disability benefits when someone returns to work. This usually happens when the person performs substantial gainful activity or earns an income above a certain amount. For example, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) could be revoked if monthly income surpasses the monthly income threshold.

In cases where a medical condition has improved significantly, the SSA may remove disability benefits. Medical records, tests, and treatments might reveal this. Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you ever have any concerns about your disability benefits being taken away. A lawyer can help you figure this out.

How Student Earned Income Exclusion Might Help

Those who are considering working while going to college may have concerns about whether their disability benefits are being removed. However, these disability benefits may not always be taken away according to student earned income exclusion. According to student earned income exclusion, the SSA will exclude a portion of income earned by college students.

In other words, the SSA will not calculate a portion of income earned by college students when determining continued eligibility for benefits. This happens if the following conditions are met:

·      The person is a full-time student

·      The person is under the age of 22

·      If homeschooled, the person is doing 12 hours minimum a week of school

Homebound students may qualify for this income exclusion if they study courses in school, college, or a government agency and has a tutor visiting regularly. This tutor must be from the school they are taking the courses at. There is also an income threshold on how much student earned income is excluded.

If the income is still above the threshold despite income being excluded, then disability benefits could be revoked. This depends on the outcome of the calculations used for continuing disability benefits eligibility.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Figuring out the complicated process for continuing disability benefits can be confusing. Reach out to a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you have concerns about your continuing eligibility for benefits. Start by calling Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation about your situation. Our team of attorneys can help you secure the disability benefits you need.