Can You Attain Disability Benefits After a Car Accident in Philadelphia?

long-term disability claims lawyer
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Can You Attain Disability Benefits After a Car Accident in Philadelphia?

long-term disability claims lawyer

disability insurance lawyerMore often than not, people who have been in a car, truck, or motor vehicle accident, whether as the motorist, bicyclist or otherwise, typically suffer minor or severe injuries. Broken bones are very common, and it is important to understand what you can do in order to retain full compensation for the time you are unable to work.

Broken Bones, the Extent of Your Injury, and Your Coverage

The extent of your injuries determines the amount of work you can physically perform, depending on your job. Broken bones typically have pretty expedient healing time, and your ability to attain benefits may depend largely on the calendar. Residents of Philadelphia are not covered by the state of Pennsylvania for a sudden inability to work. Since the state does not provide short-term disability benefits for any medical conditions that take place off work, it is up to each resident to attain private coverage.

In any event, if you have found yourself in an unfavorable situation after an accident, you are completely out of options. You still have the right to file a claim for short-term disability benefits, although you will have to be willing to adhere to some strict criteria.

Applying for Short-Term Benefits

First and foremost, you must file all forms in order, and of course, everything must be done at the appropriate time. There is very little you can do if you have not purchased disability insurance prior to your accident. This is a predicament that many people find themselves in, but there may be a couple steps you can take. Things such as personal loans and debt relief programs are options that may be worth your time.

If you have everything in order you need to complete and file your carrier’s claim form. It is important to know that you must prove you are healthy when purchasing disability insurance as pre-existing conditions are not covered for a period of at least twelve months minimum. You will need to have a new policy form in place, and depending on your agency, you may have to provide both salary verifications as well as urine and blood samples.

Work and Other Considerations After an Accident

The type of work you perform makes a huge impact on the extent of your need for disability benefits. For instance, because of the fact that residents who live in Philadelphia and who commute into the state of New Jersey for work are granted mandated coverage. New Jersey is one of few states that provide short-term disability benefits, and laws concerning lost wages do not apply to where you live, but where you work. This exception and many other intricate stipulations surround the complexities of attaining disability benefits after a car accident and increase the importance of having experienced representation on your side.

At Edelstein, Martin, & Nelson, we thrive on our dedication to getting you the benefits you need. We understand working what it’s like to work with a multitude of different insurance companies, guidelines, and laws. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle and are rendered unable to work, call our experienced disability professionals at 800-300-0909 or 215-731-9900 today.