Can You Get SSDI for Skin Cancer?

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Can You Get SSDI for Skin Cancer?

Can You Get SSDI for Skin Cancer?

There is a reason skin cancer is considered one of the most terrifying forms of cancer, particularly melanoma. While some forms of skin cancer are less severe, the ones that are can create a variety of hardships for those afflicted. Medical bills can skyrocket, and health can rapidly decline, something that can end someone’s career. Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) can be used when you need replacement income. To figure out if you qualify for Philadelphia disability benefits, talk to a Philadelphia disability lawyer about your situation.

What Are the SSDI Requirements?

Before applying for SSDI, you can save yourself a lot of time by checking whether you meet the essential SSDI requirements. These requirements include what medical evidence you need to submit, your work history, and whether you meet the full Can You Get SSDI for Skin Cancer?definition of a disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will determine whether you can qualify and defines a disability as:

  • Mental or physical impairment
  • Lasts one year or will lead to premature death
  • Prevents you from working

This is the most important requirement to meet. Once this is done, check whether you meet the work history requirements. For SSDI specifically, you need a history of enough jobs that have earned you enough work credits. Work credits are a fancy word for how much you paid into Social Security all the years that you worked. If you do not meet the minimum threshold for work credits, then you may have a better chance at applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Lastly, your skin cancer needs to meet the medical requirements in the SSA Blue Book. This lists out all the medical conditions that could qualify for disability benefits along with unique requirements for each one.

Best Skin Cancer Evidence to Submit

The final and most important step in preparing for your SSDI application is collecting the most important medical evidence of your skin cancer. This skin cancer medical evidence is vital and can make or break your claim. Working closely with your doctor on this can help you collect evidence through:

  • Doctor’s notes on your symptoms and limitations
  • Lab test results confirming your skin cancer diagnosis
  • Medications and their side effects
  • History of skin biopsies and biopsy results
  • Treatments received and whether they helped

Despite submitting some of this medical evidence, the SSA may ask you to undergo a consultative examination. This is a type of medical evaluation done by someone chosen by the SSA, often to corroborate your medical evidence with what they find. The best thing you can do is cooperate and discuss options by contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer.

Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Figuring out why your disability benefits application was denied can be frustrating when you thought you submitted all the evidence. Try talking to a Philadelphia Individual Disability Insurance Attorney if you have questions about whether you could qualify for disability benefits. Contact Edelstein & Nelson by dialing (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation today. Our dedicated Philadelphia disability attorneys can run through the disability application process and help you collect the evidence you need for your claim.