Different Diseases that Can Cause You to Become Disabled

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When a Potential Employer Can Ask About Your Disabilities
February 16, 2019
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Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits Following a Knee Surgery
March 2, 2019
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Different Diseases that Can Cause You to Become Disabled

How a Disease Can Cause You to Become Disabled

When most people think of someone who is disabled, they think of someone in a wheelchair, someone who has lost a limb, or even someone who is older and cannot perform tasks such as driving themselves anymore. While cases like these do fall under disability definitions, there are other forms of disability as well, with many of these cases not being noticed by others.

Those who suffer back pain can be disabled, people who suffer from brain injuries can be disabled, and those with anxiety can be considered disabled as well. In many of these cases, a disability is not necessarily visible, but they do affect those who suffer from them, making day to day tasks and other such responsibilities difficult to complete.

When you are afflicted with a disability that prevents or makes working difficult, you can be left trapped in a place that is difficult to navigate, especially when your insurance company refuses to qualify you for disability benefits. In these cases, be sure to discuss your case with a disability insurance lawyer who can help review your case and make sure you are getting what is fair for your case.

Two Diseases that Can Cause You to be Considered Disabled

There are many diseases and ailments that can cause a person to be considered disabled by employers and by insurance companies. Two of these diseases are known as Lupus and Parkinson’s Disease.

When someone is affected by lupus, they can experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain and swelling in the joints, skin lesions, shortness of breath, chest pain, and confusion or memory loss.

These symptoms can make anyone suffering from lupus stressed in a job where they need to be able to move, type, or remember certain things for their job. Often, these symptoms can make it difficult for someone with lupus to even leave the house some days, which can be difficult to explain to an employer. For these reasons, someone diagnosed with lupus may qualify for disability, which can help them as they go through life trying to manage their symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease also causes significant issues for its sufferers. Those with Parkinson’s Different Diseases that Can Cause You to Become Disabledslowly experience neurodegeneration, causing loss of muscle control and making it difficult to perform tasks in which muscle coordination is needed. People with Parkinson’s will experience symptoms such as shaking fingers and hands, difficulty walking, difficulty getting out of chairs and seated positions, and altered handwriting.

These symptoms can get worse over time, which can make doing many jobs difficult. For those with Parkinson’s, disability insurance is often something they will need to turn to when they can no longer work, and it’s important that insurance companies approve these people so that they can breathe easy as they adjust to living their lives with their disease.

Insurance Disability Lawyer Ready to Fight for You

After being diagnosed with a condition that makes it hard or nearly impossible to work and having your insurance deny your disability claim, call the Edelstein, Martin, & Nelson, LLP office at (800) 300-0909. We have helped countless others who are in the same situation as you, and we know we can help you get the disability insurance you need to live your life as stress-free as possible. Call us not to talk with our lawyers today!