Disability Benefits for Less Obvious Impairments

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April 10, 2018
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Disability Benefits for Less Obvious Impairments

Mental Illness in PhiladelphiaThere are numerous instances where it is painfully obvious why someone needs disability insurance benefits. In Philadelphia, we see all kinds of cases, from the most severe and traumatic injuries to the less obvious debilitating nature of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. While we are certainly here to help you if you have been denied disability benefits for any reason, sometimes it is important to focus for a minute on those disabilities that might not be clear to the naked eye.

Anxiety and Depression

Of course, these are not the only forms of mental illness that may be covered by disability insurance, but they certainly are common and widespread. It might be an unfortunate sign of the state of our society, but millions of people suffer from these incapacitating mental illnesses nationwide. These disabilities are much harder to recognize, although that does not mean anything when it comes to the ability to work while suffering from such a condition.

The anguish and toll that mental illness takes on so many people are difficult enough to deal with, without being denied any help whatsoever. Many people tend to think that disabilities should only be considered a physical inability to work, but when the mind cannot be present, work cannot be performed. Mental illness creates just as much insufficiency in the workplace as physical injury, and while someone is seeking some financial assistance in order to obtain medical help, we need to be there for them. As long as a legitimate mental illness is involved, there is no reason we should deny our vulnerable citizens relief.

When Your Mental Illness Disability Claim is Denied

Regardless of good intentions, these hard-to-see disabilities are often denied. Sure, we can all understand that some people wish to take advantage of the system and manipulate their employers, but that is obviously not always true. This is why in order for a person to successfully file a claim for benefits based on a mental illness, they must prove beyond a doubt that the illness seriously impedes their ability to function.

Proving your mental disability can be terribly trying, especially since many people who suffer from these illnesses are still able to work. The problem really comes in when those who are unable to work are also unable to attend medical appointments and therefore lack the proof they need to file their claim. The biggest reason for denial is a lack of medical proof of the illness. It is highly recommended that you consult the Social Security Administration even if you have no proof. Furthermore, it is in your absolute best interest to consult an experienced disability insurance lawyer prior to anything else.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we take your disability seriously, regardless of its physical or mental nature. We realize the powerful torment that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety create, and we believe that you should never have to suffer alone. It is the right of every citizen to be accurately represented and awarded any benefits that may help them through the most difficult of times. If you or a loved one are suffering from a mental illness and especially if you have been denied benefits, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-300-0909 or 215-731-9900 today!