My Disability Claim has been Denied, now what?

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November 16, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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My Disability Claim has been Denied, now what?

My Disability Claim has been Denied, now what?

denied disability claimYou are not feeling good at all and you’re battling disability.   You’ve done your research and followed all the guidelines provided to make a benefit claim to help you with your disability.  Then you get the news that your claim and been denied.   How can this be?  You followed the rules for years you’ve paid into the system and now, when you need help, you are DENIED.  Unfortunately, you are not alone.   In a very high concentration of cases claims are not approved immediately and as sick as it sounds, more often than not, requests for disability benefits are denied on the first request.

This is where Edelstein Martin & Nelson comes in.  It seems a terrible practice to reject a large proportion of claims for disability which are in fact being made by someone who is dealing with a disability.  There is a process provided by the Social Security Administration but just to make the initial denial even better, it is a long and cumbersome process with up to four levels of appeals.  In some states, there is an initial request that can be made to reconsider the denial, but this isn’t available in all states.  If this initial request isn’t successful or you’re in a state where it isn’t available the next layer in the process involves a hearing with a judge.  If the hearing with the judge doesn’t succeed, the next step is an appeal.  The appeal is made to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration.  If that is not successful, the next step is to go to federal court.  All of this because you’re disabled and need some support.

Due to the cumbersome and complex appeal process, it is essential that you are prepared and represented properly.  For example, it is essential to make sure that in the first step, requesting that the denial be reconsidered, it is important to make sure you get a new individual to do the review so that there is no prejudice and you’re getting fresh eyes.  If this fails and you have to go before a judge you need to make sure that you are well prepared and know what to say and what not to say, language in the court is central to success and this is likely a new experience for the applicant which adds an entire extra layer of stress, anxiety, and complexity.  This preparation need cannot be underscored if the Appeals Council or Federal Court are needed to win your claim.

Don’t go it alone, call us and we’ll help get your claim through!

Disability is a serious issue that can substantively impact your life.  Insurance policies don’t make this any easier and they often require a lawyer just to make sense of them.  The disability lawyers of Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP represent clients who have become disabled and need to deal with group and individual disability insurance policies.  Our practice is exclusively focused on this important area and we are the trusted leaders in disability insurance law. We will analyze your policy and situation so that we can advise you on your best options. We are located in Philadelphia and serve clients, throughout the state of Pennsylvania and across the United States.

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