ERISA Disability for Executives

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ERISA Disability for Executives

You worked extremely hard to reach the upper echelons of your company, but now, suffering from a disabling executives for disability insurance attorneys of Philadelphiacondition, you may find yourself forced to work just as hard to get benefits from your disability carrier. You should not have to fight to get the benefits that you have already paid premiums for.

If you are a director, president or board member of your company and need to utilize your disability insurance policy, talk to a Philadelphia ERISA disability lawyer at the law firm of Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP. We represent business people from all over Pennsylvania who need to make sense of their individual or group (ERISA) insurance coverage. We have extensive experience taking on the nation’s largest disability insurance companies and coming out with positive results for our executive clients.

Help at Every Stage of the Process

Philadelphia group disability lawyer, Keith Martin, heads our disability insurance and ERISA practice. Based on his 30 years of experience, Mr. Martin provides sound advice and strong representation to executives at every stage of the claims process, including:

We encourage you to seek our legal advice prior to filing a claim. Efficiency is maximized that way. However, if you took the introductory steps on your own and have been denied, do not give up hope. Many disability claims are favorably resolved on appeal, provided the appeal is correctly prepared. The assistance of a Philadelphia Unum right of appeal lawyer is vital to success at the appeal stage.

Contact Philadelphia ERISA Disability Lawyers with Experience

If you are not able to come to us because of your disability, we will not hesitate to come to you.  Philadelphia group disability lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP are available to handle cases throughout Pennsylvania. To schedule a free initial consultation with a reputable Philadelphia ERISA lawyer, call 215-731-9900, toll free 800-887-4529 or contact us online.