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Helping Fibromyalgia Sufferers Secure Compensation

Although fibromyalgia afflicts millions of people in the U.S., relatively little is known about it. Unfortunately, this Fibromyalgia Lawyers in Philadelphiameans that obtaining disability insurance benefits for this condition can be a challenge. With the help of an experienced attorney, however, you can access the benefits you need and deserve.

Our fibromyalgia lawyers in Philadelphia at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP have helped people obtain disability insurance benefits for nearly 30 years. We understand the effect that fibromyalgia has on a person’s social, home and work lives. Even though many of the symptoms cannot be observed with the naked eye, we know you are in pain and we know you need disability benefits.

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Fighting Insurance Companies

Fibromyalgia severely restricts sufferers from participating in normal activities. When you make an insurance claim, the insurance company may try to uncover and focus on other problems you may have and not focus on fibromyalgia. They do this because they know that fibromyalgia is a very serious condition, and they do not want to pay. Our Philadelphia disability lawyers know how to build cases, using experts whenever necessary, to show the insurance company that you need and are entitled to benefits.

To avoid having your claim denied, it is essential to have an attorney review your policy. Many policies try to limit fibromyalgia claims by not covering musculoskeletal injuries. We know that fibromyalgia is really a brain ailment, not a musculoskeletal problem. We have the knowledge and the skills to explain that to insurance companies and to a jury when a case goes to trial.

Contact a Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Lawyer

If you are not able to come to us because of your disability, we will not hesitate to come to you. Our fibromyalgia lawyers in Philadelphia are available to handle cases throughout Pennsylvania. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 215-858-8440, toll free 866-532-2504 or contact us online.