Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

workers comp benefits and justice for all

At the Philadelphia disability insurance law firm of Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we help individual and group disability insurance policy owners receive the coverage they purchased, and any ERISA benefits they are entitled to through their employers. No matter what stage of filing or appealing a claim you may be in, contact our Philadelphia group disability lawyers at 800-887-4529 for trusted advice. We advise clients in Philadelphia’s Tri-State Area and across the United States.

If You Purchased Disability Coverage, You Are Entitled to Benefits

So often, people know nothing about their disability policies until they make a claim and are denied benefits by their insurance carrier.

Many individuals with individual or group disability policies are entitled to full benefits, even if they are working in another capacity.

  • If you have a policy, have it reviewed before making a claim
  • If you have been injured or are ill, we can help you coordinate your benefits
  • If you have made a claim and received a denial letter, contact us right away
  • If you have been receiving benefits and received any kind of notice concerning a modification or a lump sum buyout of those benefits, call us immediately
  • If you are in the middle of a dispute with your group disability company that you have been trying to resolve yourself, we can step in

We Know the Major Disability Insurance Companies

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, our Philadelphia Unum disability lawyers have many years of experience dealing with the major disability insurance companies. We can protect your rights and help you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Contact Villanova long term disability lawyer, Keith Martin at 800-887-4529.