How a Doctor’s Note Can Improve Your Disability Claim

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Work Exertion Levels Could Impact Your Disability Benefits
December 19, 2022
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Do I Include All My Medical Conditions in My Disability Claim?
January 2, 2023
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How a Doctor’s Note Can Improve Your Disability Claim

How a Doctor’s Note Can Improve Your Disability Claim

Qualifying for disability benefits requires a variety of evidence in your favor. This includes medical records, legal documents, and doctor’s notes. A doctor’s note can make a significant difference in whether you are deemed eligible for disability benefits or not. If you have questions about what qualifies people for benefits, then consider asking a Philadelphia disability lawyer for help.

Benefits of a Doctor’s Note

You might be wondering how important a doctor’s notes are when applying for disability benefits. Doctor notes can be easily overlooked during the disability benefits application process, when medical evidence is more pronounced. However, a disability benefits medical report submitted by your doctor can make a noticeable impact.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) details what should be included in a medical report for disability benefits. They state that medical history, clinical findings, lab test results, diagnoses, and treatments should all be included. A statement of what work tasks or skills the patient can perform and not perform is also listed as important information to include.

This information will be used to determine whether you are eligible for disability benefits. The main criteria for deciding this are:

·      Whether your disability is expected to last a year or longer

·      The disability is severe

·      The disability is chronic

·      Work performance is impacted by the disability

The main benefit of having a doctor’s note that supports these criteria is an increase in your chances for disability benefits. A doctor’s note is taken more seriously by the SSA, especially when supplemented with sufficient medical evidence.

What to Include in the Doctor’s Note

What is included in the doctor’s note is extremely important. The main categories of information to include in a disability benefits doctor’s note are:

·      Diagnosis and prognosisHow a Doctor’s Note Can Improve Your Disability Claim

·      Objective medical evidence

·      Explanation of your disability

·      Disability limitations

The diagnosis and prognosis should include details about the duration, severity, and type of disability along with expected symptoms. Objective medical evidence should be included to support the diagnosis, prognosis, and limitations caused by the disability. This may include lab test results and interpretations, medical data, and examination notes.

An explanation of your disability should include information like the onset date, treatment outcomes, outlook of the disability, and symptoms. Including details on how symptoms impact daily functioning and work skills is important. This ties into describing any limitations caused by the disability.

Details on limitations and impacts on daily functioning are what will be the deciding factor for whether you need disability benefits. A disability must prevent someone from earning a basic income in order for someone to qualify. Try contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you have questions about how this process works.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Do not panic if the doctor’s note was not enough to qualify you for disability benefits. Explore what steps you can take with a Philadelphia denied benefits appeal lawyer who can help guide the process. Start by calling Edelstein Martin & Nelson today by dialing (800) 300-0909 for a consultation about your legal options. Our team of attorneys might be able to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.