How a Lawyer Can Help You Obtain SSD Benefits

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How a Lawyer Can Help You Obtain SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits are offered to people with disabilities that prevent them from holding a job. However, an application must be filled out and approved before anyone can start receiving SSD benefits. A person has to meet certain requirements in the application in order to receive income to cover daily living expenses. They must also meet the definition of a disability according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Consider hiring a Philadelphia Bad Faith Claims Lawyer if your application was denied.

Basic SSD Benefit Requirements

The main requirement of SSD benefits applications is evidence of your disability. This involves your doctor’s contact information, medications you are taking, copies of your medical records. Your medical records will show them the dates of the medical tests that led to your diagnosis. These documents are key to proving that you have a disability, but you must also show how your disability prevents you from working to prove that you need benefits.

You will be asked how much income you made in the past year and about your employer’s contact information. They will also ask for your general work history and if you received any kind of compensation with your job in the past. These documents can be mailed or brought directly to the Social Security office.

A lawyer can help you organize and collect documents from your employer and healthcare professionals. If your application was denied, your lawyer may know what crucial document was missing and can arrange witness accounts as further evidence. This may increase your chances of approval.

The Blue Book Process

The SSA blue book is a document that lists all the disabilities they consider eligible for benefits. This book is helpful for clarifying what evidence you need to have your application accepted because evidentiary requirements are listed along with information about each disability. Knowing which documents you need in advance can speed up the overall process.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Obtain SSD BenefitsYou can also find information about the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance programs they offer. This can help you determine which program could best benefit you in your unique situation. The way disability determination decisions are made is also explained. Knowing how the process works may let you see why your application was initially denied.

The first step to take when it comes to the blue book, is to find the disability listing that best matches your current condition. A disability can be a mental or physical medical condition that is expected to last for a significant period of time. Your official disability name and the blue book listing names do not have to match exactly, as long as the descriptions of the symptoms match.

Philadelphia Disability Lawyer

Most people have already heard about SSD benefits applications being denied, but you do not have to let this be you. A Philadelphia Denied Benefits Appeal Lawyer can help you with the appeals process if your application has been denied more than once. Contact Edelstein & Nelson at 800-887-4529 for consultation today. We will examine your current situation to determine what you need to have your benefits application approved.