How Are Physical Disabilities Measured?

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Communication Problems May Qualify You for Disability Benefits
February 20, 2023
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March 6, 2023
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How Are Physical Disabilities Measured?

How Are Physical Disabilities Measured?

Multiple aspects of your disability will be considered when you are applying for disability benefits. There are specific ways the Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates physical disabilities, and understanding how the SSA measures this might help you better prepare and increase your chances of receiving disability benefits. If you have questions, do not hesitate to talk to a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance lawyer.

Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation

The SSA conducts a variety of evaluations during the disability benefits application process. These are all designed to assess the extent of your disability to determine How Are Physical Disabilities Measured?how work performance is impacted. One of the main goals is figuring out whether your disability significantly interferes with your ability to earn a basic income.

A residual functional capacity is an important part of the evaluation process. This may involve answering questions, filling out forms, and undergoing physical or mental examinations by licensed professionals. The results may increase or decrease your chances of receiving disability benefits.

If the results show that your disability does not interfere with work in a significant way, then you may not be eligible for benefits. When results do show a significant impairment in work performance, then your chances of receiving disability benefits are higher. You might be wondering how this evaluation works.

This residual functional capacity evaluation works by measuring any impairments caused by your disability. Mental, physical, and other impairments are measured in detailed ways. Not only that, but this evaluation will examine whether you can perform current, past, or new work.

How Physical Limitations Are Measured

The physical functional capacity evaluation measures physical limitations in multiple ways. First, your medical history will provide details on your disability, treatment outcomes, and whether your disability has the capacity to improve. Then the evaluator will assess your mental responses to these limitations and any pain caused by the disability.

A physical examination might be conducted for various physical aspects of the disability. Depending on the type of disability, this may include cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal strength, and cognitive abilities. Then various physical skills related to work performance will be assessed. These often include:

·      Lifting

·      Carrying

·      Pushing

·      Pulling

·      Grasping

·      Fine motor hand movements

·      Dynamic flexibility

·      Sitting and standing

·      Walking

·      Climbing

·      Balancing

Specific abilities will also be measured, like gross body equilibrium, and the ability to maintain balance when in unstable body positions. Work simulation tests might be part of the evaluation depending on the type of disability. All of this information will be summed up in a report about how your disability impacts your daily functioning.

Consider contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you have any questions about this process. An experienced lawyer can help you take steps to increase your eligibility for benefits.

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