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July 6, 2020
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July 20, 2020
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How Can Consultative Examinations Affect My Disability Benefits?

When you are applying or reapplying for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration might have you undergo a consultative examination by your doctor or an examiner of their choosing. This comes with certain requirements from the examiner and if those requirements are not met, this can delay the disability benefits process. If you need your benefits soon, but find yourself caught between these obstacles, then consider asking a Pennsylvania delayed insurance benefits lawyer for support. 

What to Expect with Consultative Examinations 

Consultative examinations are usually conducted by a medical professional. The SSA may use your doctor or an independent medial source to conduct this type of examination. An independent medical examiner may be chosen by the SSA in circumstances when your doctor does not want to do the exam, lacks the equipment required, or is How Can Consultative Examinations Affect My Disability Benefits?unqualified to perform the examination. Inconsistencies can be another reason for this decision.

In either case, there are a few things you can expect from the consultative examination. The medical examiner may ask you questions or conduct tests on you. An end goal for the examiner is to write up an accurate and thorough consultative examination (CE) report that adheres to the SSA guidelines. 

This CE report usually includes a description of your disability along with a history of your impairments. Positive or negative findings based on medical tests and the examination will be included. The results of any lab tests conducted will be added in addition to your official diagnosis and prognosis. 

One of the most important aspects of this CE report is a statement about how your disability will affect your work performance in terms of mental and physical abilities. This statement will focus on different areas like learning information or physical abilities if a child is filing for disability benefits. Lastly, the examiner should include their professional opinion about all of this. 

When Can Consultative Examinations Affect My Disability Benefits

There are a few instances when a consultative examination can affect your disability benefits. Consultative examinations affect disability benefits by delaying when benefits are received, whether an application is accepted, or if additional steps need to be taken. For example, an incomplete CE report will be sent back for revision.

CE reports may be sent back when they lack a signature by the examiner, lacks evidence, fails to follow SSA guidelines, lacks internal consistency, has errors, or does not have logical conclusions. When this happens, the SSA will contact the examiner and ask them to submit what is missing. This could delay the time period when your disability benefits would normally start. A disability lawyer may be able to help you avoid this.

Delayed Insurance Benefits Attorney in Pennsylvania 

Finding out your benefits will be delayed because of a mistake made in the CE report can be frustrating. An experienced Pennsylvania disability lawyer can help you identify what went wrong and may be able to help correct this. Call Edelstein & Nelson at 1-800-300-0909 today for a consultation. One of our disability benefits lawyers will work with you to investigate your situation and collect the evidence you need for a strong claim.