How Disability Insurance Companies Use Surveillance Against You

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How Disability Insurance Companies Use Surveillance Against You

Obtaining long-term disability insurance is challenging enough, but even if you have made it through the application and examination process, you may still have to face the surveillance process. Long-term insurance companies will often maintain surveillance on you while you have insurance to make sure you really do have a disability. People have been known to lose part or all of their disability benefits if they show no signs of a disability or if their condition improves. Talk to a Pennsylvania individual disability lawyer if you are tired of the harassment.

Surveillance with Private Investigators

It may be surprising to some people that many disability insurance companies hire private investigators to keep watch on their customers. Private investigators are trained to look for fraud, and part of that includes locating and exposing false claims. This can lead many people to lose coverage and benefits, as well as degrading their relationship with their insurance company.

How Disability Insurance Companies Use Surveillance Against YouOnce a private investigator is assigned to your case, that investigator will start following and documenting your activities. Claims adjusters will use this information to determine whether you are still eligible for benefits by comparing your activities with your medical claims. For example, if you have a physical disability and are found doing something at the gym that does not line up with your disability description, then this might be used against you.

With the rise of social media use, investigators have more tools at their disposal for monitoring your daily routines. If you post something that does not align with your disability, your benefits may be taken away.

Ordering a Functional Capacity Evaluation

Some insurance companies will also have you complete a functional capacity evaluation with a doctor of their choice. This creates a biased system that can hurt your chances of receiving benefits.

Functional capacity evaluations are designed to test your ability to complete certain work activities related to your current job or future job. Your physical abilities and overall health are compared to the tasks the job requires. Depending on your occupation, the tasks may require lifting heavy objects, walking, balancing, crawling, manipulating objects, and pain monitoring.

Being unable to lift heavy objects can mean your job duties will be adjusted at work or you will need to find a new job that suits your needs. Some people may not be able to perform any of the physically demanding tasks and may not be able to find the right job for them. The insurance company will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to this, unless you work with a lawyer who can help you avoid biased decisions made by the insurance company that could hurt you financially.

Pennsylvania Disability Attorney

The process for obtaining disability benefits can be confusing and stressful. You may be denied benefits for inadequate reasons like a lack of documentation or biased information from private investigators. Consider hiring a Pennsylvania denied benefits appeal lawyer if this has happened to you. Call Edelstein & Nelson at (800) 300-0909 today for a free consultation. We will thoroughly investigate your situation to figure out your options and do what it takes to obtain the benefits you need.