How Does Insurance Bad Faith Affect My Disability?

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Filing an ERISA Claim
December 31, 2018
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How Does Insurance Bad Faith Affect My Disability?

How Does Insurance Bad Faith Affest My Disability?

Definition of Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance is a service we have to help us at times when we really need it. As most insurance works, you pay for a policy that will cover a certain amount of protection. You pay a fee every month for these policies which, hopefully, you’ll never need to use.

When you do need to use these policies, though, you expect that your insurance company will provide the services you’ve paid for and help you through what is probably a difficult time. Although this is the expectation, this is not always how this process works.

When an insurance company does not fulfill their end of an insurance agreement, it is not only exasperating, but it’s also a betrayal to the trust of the insured who paid their fees diligently and are not able to use the policy they continually paid in to.

When an insurance company denies a legitimate insurance claim for the sole purpose of saving money or performs any other unfavorable practice to their customers, it’s known as “insurance bad faith.” Insurance bad faith is an act that is deceitful, hurtful, and all around unfair to those who did everything right.

How Does Insurance Bad Faith Affest My Disability? It’s especially hurtful to those who need these policies to live because they are disabled and cannot receive money to live any other way. Disability claims are serious and should be treated as such by insurance companies, so when your insurance works to deny your disability claim, contact a disability insurance lawyer who can help fight your insurance company and help get your claim rightfully approved.

How Can Insurance Bad Faith Affect My Disability?

When insurance companies do not want to pay your claim, they will employ particularly nasty tactics to make sure your claim is denied or not paid in full. For disability claims, some of these tactics include:

Denying a claim without reason: When an insurance company tries to deny a legitimate claim, they will send back a letter letting the insured know their claim has been denied, but citing no reason for denying the claim. For many people, this letter is all they need to stop their pursuit for their compensation, so insurance companies will use this tactic often hoping that they will not have their customers pursuing their needs further.

Offering less money than the claim’s worth: While you pay for a policy worth $500,000, your insurance company may try to only pay out $100,000, saying that they cannot give you more. This tactic is one that other insured customers accept as well, figuring something is better than nothing. This tactic is also unfair and immoral, especially if an insured person has been paying for that policy for years.

Not paying a valid claim: A final tactic used by insurance companies is to just outright deny your claim with an excuse that is not valid or true. Many companies will try to falsify their proof for denial or make claims that are hard to fight against. Still, for those who make valid claim requests, this behavior is not only unfair but is disgraceful.

When an insurance company denies your claim, for any reason at all, your claim will not be paid to you, meaning that you could be put into a very difficult position of not being able to take care of yourself. In these situations, many people feel alone, rejected, and lowly, all emotions that are unfair to those who deserve to have their claims and policies approved.

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

When you file for a disability claim and have it denied by your insurance, many emotions and thoughts will go through your head. What will you do if you cannot get your claim approved? How will you be able to live when you cannot make money because of your disability? Why did your insurance deny a legitimate claim? These are all questions with no clear answer, which can make living in this situation terrifying.

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we are here to help prove your disability claim and take your insurance company to court. You do not deserve the disrespect of these companies, and we are here to help you fight against them when they act in such a careless manner. Call us today at 800-887-4529 to discuss the details of your case!