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November 2, 2020
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How Does the Pennsylvania SSA Evaluate Residual Functional Capacity?

Since residual functional capacity can determine whether you receive Pennsylvania disability benefits or not, many people have questions about how residual functional capacity is evaluated by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Residual functional capacity involves attempts to measure what kind of work tasks you can still perform, despite the impairments of your disability. People who can still perform enough work task functions may be deemed ineligible for benefits. Consider talking with a Pennsylvania disability attorney if you have concerns about your eligibility. 

Basic Goals of a Pennsylvania Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation

The basic goals of a Pennsylvania residual functional capacity evaluation are to assess your work abilities despite the limitations of your disability and use this information to help determine whether you need disability insurance. If the evaluation shows you can still perform essential work skills, then you may not be offered disability insurance. However, if the results show that you can only perform minimal work skills, then you may be given the How Does the Pennsylvania SSA Evaluate Residual Functional Capacity?disability benefits you need.

A residual functional capacity evaluation looks for ways in which your mental or physical disability impairs your ability to engage in physical activities like lifting or carrying objects, perform manipulative activities, maintain concentration, understand instructions, adapt to changes in the work environment, and tolerate various environmental conditions. Manipulative activities entail using your fingers to perform complex tasks, crawling, going upstairs, and climbing.

Understanding instructions means you need to be able to not misinterpret instructions and remember the instructions enough to allow you to carry out the designated task without any major mistakes. Adapting to work environment changes involves your ability to deal with very cold or hot work environments, maintaining attention despite excessive noise in the background, and working safely with hazardous working conditions.

What Does a Pennsylvania Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation Look Like?

The Pennsylvania residual functional capacity evaluation usually involves filling out a form that asks questions about your physical and mental abilities. However, you will also be asked to provide medical evidence of your limitations, which can be obtained from the doctor who diagnosed your condition. This might include doctor notes and lab test results.

You may also be required to undergo a Pennsylvania consultative examination that uses a medical professional chosen by the SSA. During the examination, you may be asked to perform various physical tasks to test your strengths and weaknesses. The SSA will combine the results from this examination with the findings from your medical records and what you filled out on the form to come to a conclusion on your residual functional capacity.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Finding out your disability benefits application was denied can be stressful news to hear, especially if you are in need of financial help now. Talk to a Pennsylvania denied benefits appeal lawyer who can help you figure out your legal options. Call Edelstein & Nelson today at 800-887-4529 for a consultation. Our team of Pennsylvania disability attorneys will work with you to find the factors of your situation that will help increase your chances of receiving the disability benefits you need.