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Can My Disability Benefits Be Garnished in a Debt Lawsuit?
March 30, 2020
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April 13, 2020
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How Long Does It Take for Disability Benefits to Be Approved?

After applying for disability benefits to help you financially recover from an acquired disability, you may be reasonably concerned about how long it will be before you start receiving benefits. You may be running low on finances after losing your job or changing jobs. Not knowing when you will receive your first payment can be scary and stressful. The process for applying for disability benefits can be lengthy and now you have to wait to hear the verdict, not knowing whether you will receive benefits or not. 

Fortunately, there is a general estimate of how long it will take before you start receiving benefits. Talking with an experienced Pennsylvania delayed insurance benefits lawyer can help if you have not received any updates on your application status past the estimated wait time. 

How Long It Takes to Apply

The process of applying for disability benefits is harder to estimate. This process can vary in length from several days to close to a year. A lot of this depends on how many other applications are being reviewed by the Social Security Administration (SSA), how much free time you have, and how prepared you are for everything you have to submit.

First, you have to figure out what needs to be submitted, whether this is job information, basic How Long Does It Take for Disability Benefits to Be Approved?personal information, factors of your disability, or medical records of your disability. This alone can take time, depending on your schedule. Then you have to fill out all the forms online or through a local office. 

Next, you will need to schedule an interview with the SSA. Interview length may vary depending on how much information you need and the complexity of your situation. Then you will have to wait for the first SSA review of your application. This wait time can take anywhere from four weeks to six months. After this, you may be asked to complete additional questionnaires or attend a meeting with a physician.   

How Long It Takes to Be Approved

In reality, it is difficult to predict how long it will take to be officially approved. However, the SSA states different estimated wait and processing times for disability benefits. They say that initial disability claims usually take 30 to 90 days to evaluate. You should receive some notice about your claim within this timeframe.

At the same time, some people may not be approved after 90 days and will have to go through an appeals process. Seeking help from a lawyer can help speed up this process.

Delayed Insurance Benefits Lawyer in Pennsylvania 

Dealing with the process of filing for disability benefits and waiting to receive these benefits can be frustrating. Consider consulting with a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you have not been notified about your disability benefits application status after 90 days. Call Edelstein & Nelson at 1-800-300-0909 today for a consultation. Our team of lawyers will investigate your situation and work with you to build a strong appeal if necessary. We can also help with the application process if you have any questions.