How Occupational Disability Benefits Can Be Affected in Philadelphia

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How Occupational Disability Benefits Can Be Affected in Philadelphia

When it comes to navigating between occupational disability benefits, workers’ compensation, and Philadelphia disability benefits programs funded by the Social Security Administration, there are potential financial conflicts that can arise. Workers’ compensation may affect how much you receive from the SSA disability benefits program you applied for. While each of these programs can help cover your expenses when you can no longer work because of a disability, it is important to know how these different programs can impact each other. If you want to know more, all you have to do is contact a Philadelphia individual disability insurance lawyer. 

Human Resources Process for Disability Benefits 

The human resources team or person has multiple responsibilities for protecting the rights and well-being of employees. One responsibility of HR is to help manage and communicate disability benefits for employees who can no longer work because of a disability. A disability can be a medical condition or mental disorder How Occupational Disability Benefits Can Be Affected in Philadelphiathat prevents an employee from working at the same job position or from being able to work at all.

Philadelphia HR disability benefits steps involve making sure certain regulations are met, figuring out how long you can receive insurance or income replacement, and various aspects of your disability leave. HR will be able to help calculate how much disability leave you could receive, how long disability leave will last, and what type of disability benefits are out there.

You will likely be informed about two types of disability benefits programs called short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance. Short-term disability insurance is for disabilities that are expected to heal within a certain amount of time, whereas long-term disability insurance is for lifelong disabilities. 

Workers’ Compensation Affects Disability Benefits 

Philadelphia workers’ compensation and SSA benefits do not necessarily mix well together. According to official regulations, these two types of benefits programs conflict with each other. Workers’ compensation is for employees who suffered injuries while on the job. Some injuries sustained at work might involve temporary or lifelong disabilities.

Employees in this situation may file for disability benefits programs through the SSA after they have already started receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The problem is that you might receive less SSA benefits if you are also receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Some public disability benefits programs can also reduce the amount of SSA benefits you receive.

The public disability benefits programs that do not affect SSA benefits are State or local government benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Veterans Administration benefits. Technically you can receive workers’ compensation or public disability benefits and SSA benefits, but only as long as your total compensation from these benefits remains under 80% of your previous income. 

Disability Benefits Lawyer in Philadelphia

Trying to figure out what disability benefits programs are right for your situation can be tricky with all the requirements involved. Consider hiring a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you are facing obstacles to the benefits you need. Contact Edelstein & Nelson at 800-887-4529 for a consultation today. Our legal team of Philadelphia disability insurance attorneys will work with you with the application process and any evidence required by the disability benefits program.