Blind Work Expenses May Impact Your Disability Benefits
Blind Work Expenses May Impact Your Disability Benefits
October 31, 2022
Should I See a Specialist When Applying for Disability Benefits?
Should I See a Specialist When Applying for Disability Benefits?
November 14, 2022
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How Unskilled Work Plays a Role in Disability Benefits

How Unskilled Work Plays a Role in Disability Benefits

The application for disability benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be rigorous. They will not only consider whether you can perform at your current job but also whether you can perform work elsewhere. This is when unskilled work could play a role in determining your eligibility for disability benefits. Talk to a Philadelphia individual disability insurance lawyer to learn more.

Work Transferability Determines Disability Benefits Eligibility

The disability benefits exertional requirements for work play a role in deciding whether someone is eligible for disability benefits. Part of figuring this out is measuring physical and mental abilities through a residual functional capacity form. Applicants will fill out this form and the information will be used to identify the mental and physical limitations caused by their disability.

Unskilled work, skilled work, and semi-skilled work abilities are also measured. For skilled work and semi-skilled work, the SSA is measuring the transfer of skills from one job to another. In other words, even if an applicant cannot perform the skills of jobs they have worked before, the SSA wants to see if they can perform work at other types of jobs.

Applicants who are able to perform work at other types of jobs, despite their disability, may not be eligible for disability benefits. Eligibility may depend on how much monthly income is made from the job and how many hours can be worked. The overall prevalence and easy access to these types of jobs can also determine eligibility.

What Is Unskilled Work?

Unlike skilled and semi-skilled work, unskilled work is any type of work that requires a minimal level of skills. Jobs like these require little to no training, are simple, and How Unskilled Work Plays a Role in Disability Benefitsrequire minimal mental or physical exertion. Typing, filing documents, and cleaning are common examples of these types of jobs.

If the applicant cannot perform skilled or semi-skilled work at other jobs, then the SSA will evaluate whether the applicant can perform unskilled work. This is designed to test whether the person can still earn a basic income at other jobs despite having a disability.

Disability benefits are offered when a person cannot perform unskilled work either, as a result of the disability. Benefits may also be offered if the person was working at unskilled jobs before acquiring the disability. Since unskilled work is the lowest level of work performance compared to skilled and semi-skilled work, someone who cannot perform unskilled work either would not be able to find other jobs to work at.

The application process for disability benefits is not always straightforward. So many factors play a role in eligibility for disability benefits. Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability benefits lawyer if you have any questions about this process.

Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Filing for disability benefits can be a confusing process. Feel free to ask a Philadelphia disability attorney for help if your disability benefits application was rejected. You can call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation about your disability claim. Our team of lawyers is ready to figure out why your application was denied to then explore solutions.