Impact of Workers’ Compensation on SSD Benefits

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Impact of Workers’ Compensation on SSD Benefits

Adapting to the limitations of a disability is challenging enough, but trying to figure out what to do about your finances and income afterward can seem impossible. You have the options of receiving workers’ compensation and social security disability (SSD) benefits, at the cost of lower SSD benefits. However, there are some private sources of insurance you may choose from. A Philadelphia individual disability insurance lawyer may be able to help you figure out the best option for you.

Types of Benefits Under Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is offered to any worker who has suffered an injury as a result of performing the duties of their job. This type of insurance comes out of your employer’s pocket, not your own. Many of the benefits of workers’ compensation cover medical expenses and missed work.

Impact of Workers’ Compensation on SSD BenefitsThe three main types of benefits offered by workers’ compensation are cash benefits, medical benefits, and supplemental benefits. Cash benefits cover missed days of work that relate directly to your disability. For example, you may have to miss work because of a doctor’s appointment or when your condition worsens. The first missed day is usually covered, but after that, you may only receive cash benefits when you miss more than seven days of work.

Medical benefits are only offered for doctor visits and treatments related to your disability. Your healthcare professionals will be chosen from a list by the Workers’ Compensation Board. The same applies to pharmacies if your condition requires medication.

Supplemental benefits are offered for those who are significantly affected by the costs of their disability. These are for people in unique circumstances that add further complications to their finances. Those who are permanently or completely disabled and widows or widowers with death benefits may be eligible to receive these benefits.

Effects on SSD Benefits

Receiving workers’ compensation and SSD benefits can lower the amount of SSD benefits you are offered. This is done to avoid overcompensating people who do not need as many benefits as someone else may need. To regulate this rule objectively, the Social Security Administration makes sure your total benefits from workers’ compensation and disability benefits does not exceed 80% of your initial earnings.

In the event that your workers’ compensation expires, your SSD benefits will readjust to their full amount. There are also alternatives to avoid lower SSD benefits. Private pension and insurance benefits do not affect SSD benefits because they are independent.

To ensure you are receiving the best benefits possible for your current condition, you should talk to a Philadelphia individual disability insurance lawyer. They will know what options and alternatives there are and may be able to help you earn more benefits than you were initially offered.

Philadelphia Disability Lawyer

You may not have to face all the legal matters and paperwork alone. An experienced Philadelphia delayed insurance benefits lawyer can help you figure out which programs are best for you. Not every applicant who applies for benefits is accepted. This can be for various reasons, some of which may only require submitting a medical document. Contact Edelstein & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for consultation.