Philadelphia Insurance Disability Lawyers Discuss Insurance Companies and Surveillance

Many insurance companies discourage policyholders from seeking a lawyer’s advice by trying to get the disabled person to sign away their rights quickly. Additionally, it has become very common for insurance companies to use surveillance to observe claimants. This includes the use of video cameras to try to show people performing functions that a disabled person should not do.

Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP know all the surveillance tactics insurance companies use to deny claims. After nearly 30 years of experience, we are not surprised by the lengths insurance companies will go to minimize claims. When you come to us, we will advise you on the best ways to deal with your insurance company and preserve your right to disability benefits.

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Methods of Insurance Company Surveillance

If you are like most people, the fact that disability insurance companies engage in surveillance is very surprising to you. The activities the companies use are wide ranging. They may obtain information regarding your credit rating, driving record, court records, employment history and much more. In many cases, the insurance company will also check to see if you are working because earnings from employment mean a reduction in insurance payments.

Another common tactic is for the company to send a field investigator to come out and interview you. The investigator may also call your neighbors, co-workers, employers and friends to ask about your condition. In addition, the investigator may use video cameras to document your activities. This is done to try to catch you performing acts that you said you could not perform because of disability.

Those who are entitled to a large monthly benefit (perhaps $2,000 or more) are more likely to be subjected to surveillance. Be very cautious when dealing with any insurance company representative, and speak to a Philadelphia long term disability lawyer to learn about your rights.

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