Disability Insurance Lawyers in Philadelphia Provide Assistance for Lawyers Pursuing Claims

Assisting Attorneys With Disability Coverage Issues

Whether you run a solo law firm or work at a major Philadelphia firm, chances are you have some type of disability insurance plan that covers you in the event that you are severely injured or become ill. You may have an individual plan, be part of a group plan or you could have a mini group plan. Whatever type of policy you have, you could save yourself a lot of headaches by consulting with an attorney who focuses on ERISA and other types of insurance issues.

Philadelphia disability insurance law firmEdelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, has carved out a niche as a firm that handles the challenging issues that arise out of all types of disability insurance policies. This portion of our practice is headed by Philadelphia insurance disability lawyerKeith Martin, who has nearly 30 years of experience in this field. Mr. Martin frequently represents other lawyers who need assistance with individual insurance issues, group policies (ERISA) and bad faith claims.

Even though you are an attorney, and may be unaccustomed to seeking legal advice for yourself, know that asking for help from someone who concentrates on disability law can only benefit you. If you file a claim, receive an adverse decision and then lose on appeal, you claim may be lost forever. Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP can evaluate the situation, gather the evidence required and file the appeal on your behalf correctly the first time, which is critical to success.

Every Policy Is Different

Many times, group disability insurance plans for lawyers include specialty “riders” or “letters” that outline specific provisions. For instance, a trial lawyer may have a provision in his or her policy relating to hours worked per week performing trial work and litigating cases in court. Individual disability plans for lawyers of smaller firms can also vary greatly in their terms, and some policies are more comprehensive than others.

If you are a lawyer claiming long-term disability or other benefits under your insurance policy, the steps you take now can determine the extent of the benefits you ultimately receive. Our Philadelphia disability insurance law firm has the ability to maximize your compensation. We have successfully handled claims on behalf of insureds of companies such as Unum, Cigna, Hartford Insurance, MetLife, Aetna and a host of other major carriers.

Contact a Philadelphia ERISA Disability Insurance Lawyer for Your Disability Claims

If you are not able to come to us because of your disability, we will not hesitate to come to you. Our Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers are available to handle cases throughout Pennsylvania. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 215-731-9900, toll free 800-887-4529 or contact us online.