Long-Term Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis

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Long-Term Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the nervous system that negatively affects mental health and movement. For unknown reasons, the coating around the nerve cells is destroyed. Neuronal messages sent to and from the brain are significantly slowed down and some are stopped entirely. This leads to thinking problems, memory lapses, strange sensations of touch, and physical impairments. Any of these symptoms can greatly distract someone from their social life, school, or work.

Those with MS have the right to file for long-term disability benefits, but in some cases, a claim may be denied. Contact a disability lawyer if this happens to you and they will help you collect the evidence needed to ensure your claim is accepted.

The Severity of Multiple Sclerosis


Long-Term Disability Benefits for Multiple SclerosisMS can impair work performance, whether the job requires office work or physical labor, because MS affects thoughts and actions. Weakened muscles, poor balance, and strange tactile sensations of numbness or needles can impair jobs that are physically demanding. For office jobs, people with MS may fall behind or make mistakes because of the way this disease disrupts normal thought processes like memory encoding and vision.

This is why long term disability insurance exists to replace lost wages from a physical or mental inability to work. This insurance replaces the income you previously received from your former job if you decide that you can no longer work because of MS. It is important to understand that filing for long-term disability can be a lengthy and sometimes complicated process.

How to File a Long-Term Disability Claim

The reason filing a long-term disability claim is a lengthy process is because you will be required to provide sufficient evidence that you have MS and why MS disrupts your ability to work a job. This entails obtaining medical records that demonstrate proof of myelin loss from MRI scans, a spinal tap, and evoked potential test results. You will need to see a neurologist for an official diagnosis if you suspect you may have MS. Your claim will not likely be accepted based on your word alone.

Benefits are given if you display vision problems, troubled thinking, movement abnormalities like tremors, and muscle weakness. These will be reviewed by Social Security Administration through their Disability Determination Services.

If your claim is accepted, the benefits you receive will cover you and family members if you paid Social Security taxes long enough. A claim may be denied for medical reasons, outdated medical information, or other non-medical reasons. You can file an appeal online if your claim is denied, but if your claim is denied again, a lawyer may be able to help you.

Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Lawyer

If you have been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and have been wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits or if you are planning to file for disability benefits, then consider seeking legal help. Contact Philadelphia disability lawyers at Edelstein & Nelson at 800-887-4529 for consultation today. We are here to fight for the benefits you deserve and to help you repair your financial situation.