Medical Professionals

Villanova Long Term Disability Lawyers for Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor, dentist or other medical professional, you know how important it is to have a disability insurance policy (whether it be long-term, group or individual disability). You may also know that just having a policy, even a policy with good coverage, sometimes is not enough to protect you.

Having a knowledgeable group long term insurance lawyer in Philadelphia review your policy before you ever have a claim could mean the difference between a quick approval or a denial letter in the future. Whether you are working for yourself or an individual medical facility, if you have questions about your disability insurance policy, contact Keith Martin, a Philadelphia group disability lawyer in Philadelphia at 800-887-4529.

Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

Insurance policies are complex and purposely difficult to navigate. When you actually need to make a claim, or file an appeal after your claim is denied, our Villanova long term disability lawyers have vast experience representing disabled medical professionals.

“Own Occupation” Policies and Medical Professionals

Many medical professionals have disability insurance policies indicating the insured is to be paid upon the inability to perform their own occupation , rather than any occupation. For example, a surgeon who can no longer operate should be paid at the full benefit level, even if the surgeon is earning income doing something else.

However, many medical professionals are not familiar with this “own occupation” insurance policy. When they go back to work at another occupation and the insurance company decreases their payments, they have no idea it could be in bad faith.

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If you are a medical professional, contact our experienced Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP in Pennsylvania. We can answer questions about your disability policy, help you file a claim or appeal a denied claim. We advise clients in Philadelphia’s Tri-State Area and across the United States.