Villanova Long Term Disability Lawyers Review Non-Profit Organizations Exempt from ERISA

Disability insurance is designed to help people when they are unable to work or are seriously injured. Private disability insurance is purchased by an individual either through their company or individually through an insurance company. Although many people have private disability insurance when an accident occurs, their payments are sometimes denied or stalled.

Unlike most companies, non-profit organizations are exempt from Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA was created to protect employees’ rights to receive benefits, including disability claims. Although ERISA was created to help employees, ERISA could make people lose out on benefits or income. It is often better for these policies to be exempt from ERISA in order to have more options with state laws. It is important to contact a Philadelphia insurance disability lawyer right after a disability claim is denied or stalled to get the process started.

You never know when an accident could happen. Private disability insurance claims are important to help pay bills and payments while recovering from an injury. Insurance claim benefits are highly relied on to help support a person or an entire family. Alternations in the payments of benefits could lead to serious problems.

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