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July 12, 2021
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July 26, 2021
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Preparing for a Daunting Philadelphia Disability Review

Preparing for the Daunting Philadelphia Disability Review

Despite securing the Philadelphia disability benefits you needed all those months or years ago, you will have to undergo a disability review every now and again to make sure your disability is still severe enough to warrant continued benefits. The timing of these reviews depends entirely on the prognosis associated with your disability and whether your disability has significantly improved or stayed the same. Any major changes in your disability may prompt a review. Consider talking with a Philadelphia Disability Attorney if you have any concerns.

What is a Philadelphia Disability Review?

The review you might have to do next week or by the end of the year is called a Philadelphia continuing disability review and seeks to accomplish what the title says, Preparing for the Daunting Philadelphia Disability Reviewwhether your disability is continuing to prevent you from earning a basic income. When it comes to the ultimate goal of this review, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will be looking at whether your disability has improved enough to let you return to work or not.

This means your reviewer will be working with a medical examiner to help figure out whether any medical treatments have led to improvements in your disability and, if so, what this could mean for your ability to work. Several things become factored in at this point like medical evidence, your current symptoms, and your updated Philadelphia substantial gainful activity. You may also be told to undergo additional medical tests to gather more information on the status of your disability.

When your disability evaluation is scheduled depends on your specific disability. Disabilities that have a chance of improving will only involve reviews every three years. Whereas, disabilities that are likely to improve require a review as early as six months after you started receiving benefits. Seven-year intervals only happen with disabilities that are not expected to improve at all.

How Can I Best Prepare for My Philadelphia Disability Review?

Preparing for your continuing disability review ahead of time is the best thing you can do to make your life easier because some reviews require various documents and records. Not having your medical records with you can waste your time when you are told to reschedule your review. Not everyone has a flexible schedule to allow this.

Most disability review documents include your medical records of any updates on your disability, your current income if you continued to work, financial resources, and information on where you live. Your income and housing will be reviewed for the redeterminations segment of your disability review. However, be prepared to undergo a medical exam to gather more information on the status of your disability.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Having your disability benefits taken away after a disability review can be frustrating. Try calling a Philadelphia Denied Benefits Appeal Lawyer if your benefits were taken away for unknown reasons. All you have to do is contact Edelstein & Nelson by dialing (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation today. Our experienced Philadelphia disability attorneys can help you collect the evidence needed to defend your disability claim.