Representative Cases

ERISA Gap Policy – Neurological Disorder

A Ft. Myers, Florida chemist had a severe neurological disorder. The company in which she worked had her examined by in-house doctors under a group ERISA policy. The company said she couldn’t work anymore. The firm created a day-in-the life of the chemist to show the insurance company that this was an actual person, not just another claim. He included a video of her living day-to-day, taking her medications, and the twitching effects that came with her neurological disorder. He won a large settlement.

Psychiatric Injury – Types of Disability

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mid-level manager, reported that she was suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Under the provisions of her employer’s policy, the carrier retained a group of defense experts which denied that she was suffering from any psychiatric conditions which incapacitated her. The firm was successful in negotiating a high six figure settlement based in part on the opinions rendered by the experts retained by the firm.

Restored Client to Full Disability Benefits

Helped a Jacksonville, Florida client with a Denied Benefits Claim. The client was at one time receiving full disability benefits, denied those benefits, was taken down to residual disability benefit payments by his insurance carrier. The firm was retained by the client and was successful in securing a settlement for the full value of the disability contract pursuant to the definition of “total disability” in his own occupation.

“Own Occupation” Case

Assisted a Kansas City, Missouri chiropractor who was injured and could no longer perform chiropractic manipulations on his patients, which was the primary duty of his own occupation. His insurance carrier did not want to offer him full benefits to which he was entitled. The firm was able to secure a large monetary settlement on behalf of the doctor.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP Cases

Philadelphia disability insurance law firm of Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP has represented clients whose insurance companies want to buy out, settle or commute his/her claims. The firm has forensics, longevity experts, and actuaries to argue that person is going to live longer and not less. This resulted in large settlements. Call our Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers at 215-731-9900 or contact us online.