Do I Include All My Medical Conditions in My Disability Claim?
Do I Include All My Medical Conditions in My Disability Claim?
January 2, 2023
What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?
What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?
January 16, 2023
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Should I Be Worried About Disability Quality Assurance Reviews?

Should I Be Worried About Disability Quality Assurance Reviews?

Not everyone has heard about disability quality assurance reviews. In some cases, disability quality assurance reviews can impact whether a disability benefits application is accepted. Being aware of what this process is and how your disability claim could be affected is important for securing the benefits you need. You can also talk to an experienced Philadelphia denied benefits appeal attorney if your claim was denied.

How Disability Quality Assurance Impacts Claims

Similar to the Disability Determination Services, disability quality assurance branches work with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to judge whether applicants are eligible for disability benefits. However, the goal of disability quality assurance branches is to check the quality of the review process conducted by the SSA overall.

This is done as an added measure to maintain a high quality of disability benefits application reviews. The purpose is to ensure that disability benefits applications are Should I Be Worried About Disability Quality Assurance Reviews?being reviewed correctly and according to the eligibility criteria. Part of the overall reason for this is to maintain the standards set for reviewing disability claims.

One of the most common problems this creates for those applying for disability benefits is wait time. What happens is disability claims are randomly selected by these quality assurance programs from the Disability Determination Services organization. Then the quality assurance branch will review these claims.

A single disability claim can be reviewed for up to eight weeks by a quality assurance branch. Even after this is over, the Disability Determination Services office has up to sixty days to either accept the feedback from the quality assurance branch or not. If Disability Determination Services disagrees, then they can file a rebuttal. When they agree, they will need to apply the recommendations from the quality assurance branch.

In some cases, this can lead to a denial of your disability benefits. This can be frustrating, but you do not have to stop here. Try contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer to discuss your options for appeal.

What Are My Legal Options?

The SSA offers a disability claim appeal process with multiple levels. Reconsideration of a disability claim is the first level. At this stage, you can state why you want your disability claim re-evaluated and you have the option to send additional evidence.

If this fails, you can request a hearing with a judge who can review your disability claim. Be prepared to defend your need for disability benefits with supporting information and evidence. When the judge disagrees with your defense, the next phase of appeals is done by an appeals council.

The last appeals option is a federal court review. This process can be extensive and requires filing a civil action with your district court. A lawyer can help with this process.

Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson

You may not have to settle for no disability benefits. Ask a Philadelphia disability lawyer for help if your disability benefits application was denied after going through a quality assurance review. Start by contacting Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (800) 300-0909 today for a consultation about your options given your situation. Our team of attorneys might be able to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.