How Unskilled Work Plays a Role in Disability Benefits
How Unskilled Work Plays a Role in Disability Benefits
November 7, 2022
Why Work History Impacts Disability Benefits
Why Work History Impacts Disability Benefits
November 21, 2022
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Should I See a Specialist When Applying for Disability Benefits?

Many people wonder whether they should see a specialist doctor when applying for disability benefits. The most important determining factor in terms of disability benefits eligibility is evidence. Having more medical evidence will only increase your chances of a successful disability benefits claim. You can also ask a Philadelphia individual disability insurance attorney about other ways you can increase your chances.

How a Specialist Can Improve Your Disability Claim

Being diagnosed with a disability by your general doctor is one thing but being diagnosed with a disability by a specialist is significantly better. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will take a diagnosis from a specialist much more seriously than a Should I See a Specialist When Applying for Disability Benefits?diagnosis from a general physician. When it comes to specialist disability diagnoses, the process can sometimes be difficult.

The first challenge is that many specialists will not see patients without a referral. This might mean you will need to see your general doctor first to obtain a referral. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and explain that you would like to see a specialist because you are applying for disability benefits.

The next challenge is the waiting period to see a specialist. Some specialists have busy schedules and waitlists for patients. A specialist may take a few weeks to set up an appointment with you. During the appointment, medical tests might be ordered depending on the type of disability you are dealing with.

Having a specific disability diagnosis significantly increases your chances of receiving disability benefits. This is especially true when the diagnosis comes from an expert in the field like a specialist. If your disability application is denied, you may also be able to use a specialist diagnosis when filing a disability benefits appeal.

Medical Evidence is Everything

Most disability benefits applications are rejected due to a lack of medical evidence. The disability benefits evidentiary requirements are everything. You want evidence that proves your disability, the severity of your disability, duration, and how your ability to work is impacted.

Many of these evidentiary requirements can be proven with medical evidence. This may include doctor notes, the diagnosis, a prognosis, medical test results, and evaluations of how symptoms impact daily functioning. Non-medical evidence can be just as important and involves any evidence that is not from a medical source.

A powerful example of non-medical evidence is a medical diary. Writing down symptoms and struggles you face each day can help build evidence that your disability prevents you from working. Detailing what daily activities you cannot perform, side effects of medications, the intensity of symptoms, the frequency of symptoms, and functional limitations is crucial.

Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you have questions. A lawyer can help you take steps to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.

Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Applying for disability benefits can be stressful without the right resources. Feel free to ask a Philadelphia delayed insurance benefits lawyer about your options if your disability benefits have been denied or delayed. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation about what next steps you can take. Our team of attorneys is prepared to help you improve your disability claim.