SSD VS SSI and Other Disability Questions

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May 7, 2018
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SSD VS SSI and Other Disability Questions

SSD VS SSI in PhiladelphiaIf you have been disabled and are unable to work in Philadelphia, like any other state, you are probably wondering about which type of disability insurance you are going to be eligible to receive. The most important differential to understand in the variance between SSD and SSI has to do with how much (if any) you have paid into disability insurance while you were able to work.

SSD or Social Security Disability is a benefit amount you are afforded based on your previous contributions. If you had paid into SSD from your paychecks while working, your benefits may take this amount into account. You are likely better off if you had prepared for a disabling injury before the injury occurred. SSI or Supplemental Security Income follows the same definition as SSD, however, your income and assets will determine your eligibility.

Other Questions

After suffering a serious, but not catastrophic injury, many people wonder exactly how disabled one needs to be to collect disability insurance. The answer is a range, but that you must be unable to perform your work duties due to the injury for a period of at least 12 months. The Social Security Administration recognizes most forms of sudden and serious physical or mental impairments.

The mention of the Social Security Administration or SSA brings up another popular question. Many people wonder exactly who is determining their eligibility for benefits. The SSA makes that determination, however, it is important to know which factors affect their decision. These factors are things like; nature of the injury, work history, medical records, age, and whether or not you can reasonably perform other work duties.

Of course, people who know that they qualify will have additional questions such as, can my family members collect benefits? The answer here is based on which family members you are concerned about. Your children (minors), and your spouse are typically qualified. Although it may be that your spouse needs to be responsible for a dependent child. In any event, you must be in contact with a highly experienced and qualified attorney, which brings us to another common question.

Numerous people wonder if they need an attorney. This is a reasonable inquiry, and the simple truth is that no, you do not initially need an attorney. However, the vast majority of disability claims are denied right off the bat, and obtaining compensation after a denial is extremely difficult without representation. If you file a claim without an attorney, you have a very high chance of being denied. After being denied, you need to file an appeal, and only a qualified Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer can guide you every step of the way through this unfortunately complex process.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we fully understand the immense complications that often arise during a claim for disability benefits. It is terribly important to understand which kind of claim you are filing, and our attorneys are ready to assist you down this unnerving path. If you have been disabled due to an accident at work or otherwise, it is crucial that you contact an experienced disability attorney. Call 215-731-9900 or 800-300-0909 to schedule a free consultation today.