September 16, 2019
How Should I Decide Whether to Take a Disability Lump Sum Buyout?

How Should I Decide Whether to Take a Disability Lump-Sum Buyout?

Deciding on whether to accept a lump-sum buyout over monthly payments is an important process that could significantly change your future. One decision could be advantageous and another damaging depending on your current and future financial situation. For the most part, insurance companies offer lump-sum buyouts to save their company […]
July 22, 2019
Should I Avoid a Lump Sum Settlement for Disability Insurance?

Should I Avoid a Lump-Sum Settlement for Disability Insurance?

Three things can happen when you file for long-term disability benefits. You can be accepted, rejected, or offered a lump-sum buyout. Lump-sum buyouts can be offered at any point during your long-term disability benefits period. A lump sum is a deal to pay you a large sum of money all […]