August 8, 2018
Overexertion Injury Workplace lawyer

Gainful Occupation and Its Role Regarding Long-Term Disability

When you start receiving temporary, short-term disability, you know that you could either return to work after a certain period of time or that you will be moved up to long-term disability if your injuries are permanent. One of the phrases that you see thrown around in long-term disability dealings is known as a ‘gainful occupation’ but what does this mean and how does it apply to your case? Many people are permanently disabled to the point where they are unable to perform the duties of their own occupation. A gainful occupation, on the other hand, gives some people a […]
February 14, 2018

Does Short-Term Disability Transition Into Long-Term Disability?

Have you been injured and now you want to see what benefits you qualify for in regards to short-term or long-term disability? You have options. The problem is, many people don’t understand how the transition works when you are moving from short-term disability to long-term disability. The truth is, some people will not make it past short-term disability, as they may not have an injury severe enough to keep them out of work for several months or years. But what happens if your injury is extremely severe and you are wondering how to make the transition? From Short-Term to Long-Term […]