The Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Sequential Evaluation Process

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What Does the SSA Mean by Substantial Gainful Activity?
October 19, 2020
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November 2, 2020
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The Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Sequential Evaluation Process

The Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Sequential Evaluation Process

When you want to apply for Pennsylvania disability benefits, there is a sequential evaluation process you have to go through that involves five main steps. If you can make it through all five steps by meeting each of the requirements, then you have a high chance of receiving the disability benefits you need. However, if you ever find yourself stuck at one of these steps, be sure to seek help from an experienced Pennsylvania disability attorney.

What is the Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Sequential Process?

The Pennsylvania disability benefits sequential process involves meeting requirements related to your disability, work history, and ability to work despite the limitations posed by your disability. There are five steps you have to go through during this sequence that include:

·      Step 1: Determine your monthly income and substantial gainful activityThe Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Sequential Evaluation Process

·      Step 2: Define your disability as severe

·      Step 3: Make sure your disability meets the criteria of the Social Security Administration (SSA)

·      Step 4: Determine whether you can work despite your impairments

·      Step 5: Figure out if you can work at any other kind of job

To pass through the first step, your monthly income needs to be below $1,260 or else you may not qualify for disability benefits. You must also ensure you cannot perform a substantial gainful activity in Pennsylvania. In other words, if you can work a certain number of hours, then you are not in need of disability insurance according to the SSA.

In the second step, you need to show your disability is severe enough to prevent you from performing vital work tasks and skills. Step three involves checking whether your disability is listed in the SSA Blue Book or meets criteria similar to these listings. For step four, you will need to prove that you can no longer work at your prior job. Lastly, in step five, you need to show that you cannot obtain a job anywhere else.

What If My Disability Is Not A Listed Impairment in Pennsylvania?

Some people might be wondering what their options are if their disability is not a Pennsylvania listed impairment in the SSA Blue Book. Do not panic if this is you. What will happen is the SSA will investigate your disability claim, including any medical evidence and doctor’s notes you submitted, to determine whether your disability is severe enough to warrant disability insurance.

Most of this investigation process involves measuring your residual functional capacity to see if you can still work and earn a basic income despite the impairments caused by your disability.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Going through the tedious disability benefits process only to be rejected can be an ordeal for almost anyone. You do not have to face this alone. Reach out to a Pennsylvania denied benefits appeal lawyer if your disability benefits were denied for unknown or wrongful reasons. Call Edelstein & Nelson today at 1-800–300-0909 for a consultation. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability attorneys will help you collect the evidence and documents needed for a strong disability insurance claim.