The perils of pursuing a disability claim without professional help

Wilmington Long Term Disability Lawyers Discuss the Need for Professional Representation in Disability Claims

Long-term disability claims are a deadline-driven, often heavily contested process in which a single mistake can have long-term consequences. The unique nature of long-term disability insurance is one reason for the sometimes draconian regulations and eligibility requirements involved in qualifying for benefits through LTD insurance. And long-term disabilities are more common than many think. According to the Social Security Administration, currently 25 percent of 20 year-olds will become disabled before turning 67.

adblockThose numbers suggest long-term disability insurance is a necessity. Unfortunately, obtaining benefits is not an easy task. Simply put, long-term care for a disabled person is expensive. As one can imagine, then, insurance companies are very diligent about ensuring that claimants truly meet eligibility requirements before they will award benefits.

Thorough investigations

Claimants have noted in the past the lengths insurance companies go to investigate claims. Insurance companies have hired private investigators to monitor claimants to see if their behavior contradicts anything in the claim. For example, if a person claims a total disability that prevents working but a private investigator takes a photo of that person shoveling his or her driveway, the insurance company is likely to refuse coverage.

Insurance companies will also likely request a significant amount of medical documentation. A claimant may also need to meet with a medical provider paid for by the insurance company to evaluate a disabling condition.

Appealing a claim

It is possible to appeal a rejected claim. Often, this is when a person first speaks to a Philadelphia group disability lawyer. While representation at this stage is helpful, it can often make sense to hire a Villanova long term disability lawyer before even filing a claim.

Gathering extensive medical records prior to first submitting a claim is often best. For example, an insurance company may ask for records or for the claimant to sign a release so that the insurance company can begin collecting information. However, the information the insurance companies gather may be used in court to refute a claim.

Representation from the start is helpful

Many disabled individuals make long-term disability claims before contacting an attorney. This can be a mistake, considering how a good presentation of a claim is paramount to obtaining benefits. Making a claim for benefits is also a lengthy process, as the average group long term disability claim lasts almost three years. Avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring an insurance company has all the information it requests can help to speed up this process.

Disabled individuals seeking long-term disability benefits should contact a Philadelphia group disability lawyer to discuss their situation and next steps. Call Philadelphia disability insurance law firm of Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP at 215-731-9900 or contact us online.