The Process Of Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

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The Process Of Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

There are many instances in life which can result in sudden disabling injuries or illnesses. Most victims are caught off guard and are unsure of what they can or should do to move forward. Although many people are familiar with the Social Security Administration, victims are, far too often, unsure of what the process of filing for benefits entails. It is crucial to evaluate the criteria which render a person qualified for the benefits and to understand the application process so you can get the benefits you are entitled to when you need them.

Do I Qualify For Benefits?

The Process Of Applying For Social Security Disability BenefitsIndividuals who are interested in applying for social security disability benefits through the Social Security Administration must be able to prove that they are disabled and, as a result of their disabilities, they are unable to work.

To qualify for benefits, an individual must prove that they have a medical condition that is severe and that any of the following applies to them:

  • They meet the strict requirements established by the social security impairment listing
  • Their disability makes working at any of their past jobs impossible
  • Their condition makes working at a less physically or mentally strenuous job impossible

After meeting the physical and health requirements for benefits, individuals must prove that they meet the financial requirements for benefits. Generally, the financial requirements state that individuals earn less than $1,220 a month through work, they are insured under the Social Security disability program, and they meet the work requirements for benefits.

How Long Does It Take to Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

In general, it can take between 90-180 days for an applicant to receive an initial decision. For this reason, it is imperative for applicants to begin the application process as soon as possible. If a claimant is denied benefits after their application, it can take between 16 months and two years to be approved for benefits. The time frame depends on various factors. Those denied will have to appeal the denial, and may have to attend court hearings to prove that they qualify and deserve the benefits for which they are applying.

Working with a skilled social security disability attorney in Philadelphia will ensure you have all the documentation and proof you need to file a successful application for benefits.

Philadelphia Disability Lawyers Can Help You

Regardless of how much proof a person has for their disability, the Social Security Administration routinely denies applicants. It is crucial to contact a skilled disability lawyer to help with getting you the benefits you need.

Disability Lawyers at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson work diligently to help injured workers get the benefits for which they are entitled. Our knowledgeable attorneys are dedicated to helping those in need to understand the application process and file successful applications so they can begin receiving the benefits they need to cover their financial obligations.

For nearly four decades, Disability Lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson have helped thousands of applicants get the benefits they deserve. Contact our law office today at (800) 300-0909 to get the help you need.