Two Huge Mistakes People Make When Attempting to Obtain Disability Benefits

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April 4, 2018
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April 18, 2018
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Two Huge Mistakes People Make When Attempting to Obtain Disability Benefits

Disability Insurance in PhiladelphiaNobody said that getting disability benefits is a quick and easy task. The truth is it can be terribly complicated and time-consuming. Before you even begin the process of attempting to receive disability benefits in Philadelphia, the wisest thing you can do is hire the most experienced Philadelphia Disability Insurance Lawyer you can find. We have a very large team of highly qualified disability lawyers who can evaluate the severity and existence of your impairment.

Applying for Philadelphia Disability Benefits

A big mistake is the lack of adequate representation. It is crucial to understand why having our lawyers on your side is so important, and a big reason is that of the initial application process. There are extremely stringent guidelines in place in order to obtain disability compensation, and first, you need to know that your application for benefits will be reviewed by hordes of legal professionals. Remember that a professional medical provider is vital to creating a viable case, and this is something a qualified attorney can ensure you have in place. And once your application is processed, the SSA will begin researching the evidence of your claim.

Our attorneys will guide you through the lengthy medical requirements process, however, after that, the SSA reviews all of the non-medical stipulations pertinent to your case before transferring the decision to Disability Determination Services (DDS). DDS officers are responsible for determining your eligibility for benefits through a lengthy evaluation of all medical and non-medical requirements.

Appealing Your Case in the Event of a Denial

If DDS have decided to deny your application for benefits, you will have multiple chances to appeal their decision. Unfortunately, the second largest mistake people make is failing to appeal or failing to appeal within the allotted time frame of 60 days. Again, this is why representation is so important since our lawyers can identify the source(s) of denial in a timely manner. It is good to know that you may have up to a total of four chances to have your case heard, but without a qualified attorney, the likelihood of receiving your benefits will be greatly diminished.

Your first appeal is called a Request for Reconsideration, and if you are still denied, you may request a Disability Hearing. At a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will be the deciding factor in your case. Nevertheless, you may still have two more opportunities to have your case heard, and they are in the form of an Appeals Council Review and finally, a District Court Case. Regardless of how the process goes for you, you should certainly understand why legal representation is absolutely crucial to the success of your claim.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we vigorously fight for your rights to be accurately compensated for your disability, and we adamantly understand the grueling process of filing a claim for benefits. After becoming disabled, you are likely flooded with a staggering amount of concerns besides your medical condition, alone. The last thing you need is the added stress of filing a claim for benefits by yourself, and additional anguish if your application is denied. Do yourself an enormous favor, and call us at 215-731-9900 or 800-300-0909 now, to let us help you get started!