What Cardiovascular Conditions Qualify for Disability Benefits?

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November 18, 2019
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What Cardiovascular Conditions Qualify for Disability Benefits?

From strokes to heart diseases, certain cardiovascular conditions can lead to disabilities. This can make working a physically strenuous job difficult and might lead some people to seek a different job. Strokes, in particular, can lead to a variety of physical and mental impairments that can last months or years. For those unable to work because of these conditions, disability benefits can help pay for living expenses. Talk to a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance lawyer if you have questions about applying for disability benefits.  

Cardiovascular Problems that Cause Impairments 

Different cardiovascular conditions can lead to different types of impairments. Strokes can lead to a fair amount of impairments. When people think of strokes, they tend to see a person with paralysis on half their body. This is one of the disabilities a stroke can causeWhat Cardiovascular Conditions Qualify for Disability Benefits?. Grabbing objects and balance can also be affected. This type of paralysis on one side of the body is one of the most common aftereffects of a stroke.  

Depending on the damage a stroke inflicts, people can also experience problems with sensation and pain. Some people can lose the ability to feel pain or touch, recognize common objects, or maintain urinary control. Others may have to struggle with chronic pain caused by damage to the pain centers of the brain, which causes these centers to send fake pain signals for no apparent reason. Even medications may not fully relieve these symptoms. 

Some people can be left with communication deficits that can make it difficult to comprehend what others are saying or difficult to speak coherently. For jobs that require communication between employees, using the phone, or working at a front desk, a person with this kind of impairment may be forced to find a different job. Short-term memory and the ability to learn can also be affected.  

Disability Benefits for Cardiovascular Conditions

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), a cardiovascular disability is a medical disorder that affects any part of the circulatory system. Common examples include chronic heart failure, syncope from blocked blood flow, central cyanosis, and pain from myocardial ischemia. Some people with vein or artery diseases can experience problems with their legs, eyes, kidneys, or central nervous system. 

To apply for benefits, the SSA will look for medical documentation of your history of cardiovascular problems and treatments you have received for those problems. This is done to determine how severe your cardiovascular condition is and whether you are eligible for benefits. However, the application process may be delayed if you have just started a new drug treatment, had surgery to fix your condition, or only experienced an acute problem.  

Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer

Try talking to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you have experienced heart-related medical problems and want to apply for disability insurance. Contact Edelstein & Nelson today at 1-800-300-0909 for a consultation. We can work with you on the application process to increase your chances of receiving benefits. Contact our Philadelphia disability attorney if your benefits are denied, we can help you with the appeals process.