Does Retirement Affect Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania?
Does Retirement Affect Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania?
September 14, 2020
Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Evidentiary Updates You Should Know About
Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Evidentiary Updates You Should Know About
September 28, 2020
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What Childhood Hematological Disorders Are Covered by Philadelphia Disability Benefits?

There are a lot of hematological disorders. The question many parents have is which hematological disorders can qualify their child for Philadelphia disability benefits under the Social Security Administration. Knowing this can help you gain disability insurance to cover medical expenses and any other financial costs associated with your child’s hematological disorder. If you come across any difficulties along the way, feel free to ask a Philadelphia bad faith claims attorney for assistance. 

Hematological Disorders Covered by Philadelphia Disability Benefits

The SSA lists different hematological disorders in Philadelphia that might be covered by disability benefits depending on whether certain conditions are met. You can find the full listing of hematological disorders in the SSA Blue Book on their main website. Some of the main childhood hematological disorders covered by disability benefits include non-cancerous and cancerous What Childhood Hematological Disorders Are Covered by Philadelphia Disability Benefits?hematological disorders like:

  • Lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Bone marrow failure
  • Thrombosis
  • Hemostasis
  • Hemolytic anemias
  • Multiple myeloma 

Hematological disorders can create a variety of difficulties for children. Parents may find themselves managing various symptoms and the costs of treatment. Severe cases of certain hematological disorders like hemolytic anemias can lead to hospitalizations and intensive care. 

Different hematological disorders come with different symptoms. Be sure to consult with your child’s doctor about what symptoms and complications could arise in the future. Knowing this can help you prepare for what to expect. When symptoms do arise, you will want to document this, tell the doctor, and ask for a copy of the medical records for your disability insurance claim. The SSA will need this information to help determine your child’s eligibility. 

Evidence Needed for Hematological Disorders in Philadelphia

Collecting and submitting evidence of hematological disorders in Philadelphia is vital for securing your child’s disability benefits. Otherwise, you may face a letter of rejection from the SSA. One common piece of evidence required by the SSA, depending on which hematological disorder your child has, is a bone marrow transplant. 

The evidence you will need for a hematological disorder may vary from lab reports signed by the doctor that verify a hematological disorder to reports by the doctor that diagnosed the hematological disorder based on various methods. Medical records of hospitalizations related to your child’s hematological disorder can also help increase your chances of receiving disability benefits. 

However, different hematological disorders come with different evidence requirements. Be sure to look at the SSA website listing of hematological disorders, find your child’s specific disorder, and look at the requirements. You can also talk with an experienced disability insurance lawyer if you feel like the disability insurance company has practiced bad faith in Philadelphia.  

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Filing a disability insurance claim in Philadelphia is often tedious and complicated. Do not hesitate to reach out to a Philadelphia disability lawyer if you ever have any questions about this process. You can contact Edelstein & Nelson at 800-887-4529 for a consultation today. Our legal team of Philadelphia disability lawyers will work with you to collect all the evidence and documents you need to qualify your child for disability insurance.