What If My SSDI Beneficiary Cannot Manage My Benefits?
What If My SSDI Beneficiary Cannot Manage My Benefits?
September 20, 2021
Will Social Security Spy on Me After Submitting a Disability Claim?
Will Social Security Spy on Me After Submitting a Disability Claim?
October 4, 2021
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What Does a Cooperative Disability Investigation Mean for My Claim?

Cooperative disability investigations sometimes happen during the disability determination process. When the Social Security Administration (SSA) is reviewing the eligibility of your claim, they may send your claim off to be further investigated. This might result in a longer wait period or a denial of your Philadelphia disability claim. Waiting longer for the financial assistance you need can be frustrating. Consider asking a Philadelphia disability lawyer for help if this is happening to you.

What is a Cooperative Disability Investigation?

A cooperative disability investigation happens when a disability claim is referred for further investigation. Either the Disability and Determination Services (DDS) or SSA can refer your disability claim for this type of investigation. The most common reasons for such a referral include:

  • Suspecting fraud with your disability claim
  • General suspicions about the accuracy of your claim

The people who find themselves in trouble in this situation are those who are engaging in:What Does a Cooperative Disability Investigation Mean for My Claim?

  • Malingering or faking their disability symptoms
  • Exaggerating their disability symptoms
  • Lying about having a disability
  • Fabricating evidence of their disability

This is why being as honest as possible is so important for your disability claim. Exaggerating your symptoms with the hopes of receiving a better deal may only delay your claim. In the worst-case scenario, the SSA may even deny your claim and prevent you from ever receiving benefits through their programs.

The results of a cooperative disability investigation have the power to make the SSA deny your claim. Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if your claim was referred despite your honesty and the accuracy of your claim.

What Do Cooperative Disability Investigations Involve?

Many people wonder what the cooperative disability investigation really involves. One of the key cooperative disability investigation steps is the search and assessment of the evidence. They will specifically look for medical evidence, medical opinions, and non-medical sources of evidence.

They will also go as far as to gather video surveillance of your behaviors at work or school. This team of cooperative disability investigators has the power to gain access to such video surveillance to see whether you exaggerated your symptoms. Some investigators will also have witnesses explain any of your behaviors that they have seen.

If enough witnesses show that your behavior is different than what was described in your disability claim, then your claim might be rejected. Any other inconsistencies will lead to searches for additional inconsistencies. The more inconsistencies they find, the more likely you will not receive disability benefits. Do not hesitate to ask a lawyer about your legal options if you are still in need of financial help.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Receiving a letter that your disability claim was denied can be stressful when you need financial help right away. An experienced Philadelphia denied benefits appeal lawyer might be able to help you defend your claim when your application is rejected. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation today. Our dedicated team of Philadelphia disability attorneys can help you collect the additional evidence you need for a strong appeal.